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Beyond Nostalgia

“Extrospective Introspections” of the Post-Yugoslav Memory of Socialism

Dalibor Mišina

rock bands, Plavi orkestar . Together, they journey through the territory of the former Yugoslavia and, through their interviews with friends and colleagues, musicians and artists, and politicians and statesmen from the common socialist past, craft a travelogue about the time of the last Yugoslav

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Ljubica Spaskovska

. Performing rock and pop bands and musicians included EKV, singing their famous song “Ovo je zemlja za nas” (Th is is a country for us), Goran Bregović, Bajaga i Instruktori (Bajaga and Instructors), Plavi orkestar (Blue orchestra), Crvena jabuka (Red apple), Indeksi (Indexes), Regina, Dino Merlin, Hari Mata