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This article provides an overview of the recent political and legal events surrounding the protection of Lithuania’s Polish national minority in the context of Lithuanian–Polish bilateral relations, focusing particularly on what has occurred since the so-called golden age of relations between the two countries. This article aims to present up-to-date information on the current stage of dialogue on the issue of national minorities in Lithuania and on the actual protection of the Polish minority in this country. After the expiration of the Law on national minorities in Lithuania in 2010, the primary bones of contention between the two countries have been the use of the language of minorities in communication with local authorities and in bilingual topographical signs, the use of names and surnames in a minority language, rights related to the education of national minorities, and rights related to political participation of national minorities.

In: European Yearbook of Minority Issues Online

- lationship between language and ethnicity, based largely on the study of minority language groups in the (then) Soviet Union. His biblio- graphical sources are varied and his case studies are many, including Polish minorities in Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. Essentially, Haarmann examines the relative

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, Albanian minorities in Serbia, Serbian minorities in Croatia) and Eastern and Central Europe (Russian and Polish minorities in Lithuania, Ukrainian minorities in Russia, Russian minorities in Ukraine, Russian minorities in Moldova). Snapshot assessment The entire range of activities performed by the HCNM

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Lithuanian language – and its evolution – as well as the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania. 17 The case concerned a complaint by Ms. Malgožata Runevič-Vardyn, a Lithuanian citizen and a member of the Polish minority in Lithuania. She wanted to receive a marriage certificate in which her name

In: Review of Central and East European Law

demand "somewhat disconcerting". For more on the problems of the Polish minority in Lithuania, J.B. de Weydenthal, "The Polish-Lithuanian Dispute", Report on Eastern Europe 1991 No.4l, 20-23, and R.J. Krickus, "Lithuania's Polish Question," Report on the USSR 1991 No.48, 20-23. 20. Law of 16 April 1991

In: Review of Central and East European Law