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, but the pendulum is now swinging back in its favor as the initial cradle of cultural contacts between East and West (G. Wang 2015). This essay links the two worlds by evoking people, places, and mobility through the legend of Prester John, mysterious Christian monarch and putative ally against Muslims

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, of course, inimical to the Latin states in Outremer . Moreover, in the eyes of the Latins, the Tatars were seen initially as the fulfillment of the Prester John stories. However, after the destruction of Hungary and Poland in 1241-1242 and closer inspection of papal envoy John of Plano Carpini

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answer in 1177 (MPL 200, 1148ff.). Through letters of Jacob of Vitry, Europeans saw in Prester John a partner in the fight against Islam in the Mongolian empire (Mongols). William of Rubruck, John of Plano...

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Unknown author Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death: The Letter of Prester John...

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- The Letter of Prester John Date: Second half of the 12th century or early 13th century Original Language: Latin The existence of a priest-cum-king named John, a Nestorian Christian dwelling ‘in the furthest east, beyond Persia and Armenia’ and descended from the Magi of the Nativity story, is

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fight against Islamic powers. Prester John, the mythic Christian king of the “Indies” whose existence was described in the twelfth century was perhaps the most notable of these “Eastern” rulers. The fact that he did not exist makes the prolonged search for him and his like even more remarkable. Based

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Keagan Brewer (editor and translator), Prester John. The Legend and its Sources [Crusade Texts in Translation 27]. Ashgate, Farnham 2015. viii + 340 pp. ISBN 9781409438076. £ 75. The myth of Prester John retained its fascination over a remarkably long period. Starting in the twelfth

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his abili- ty to understand the subtlety and depth of Indian normative thought will be only marginally enhanced. Truman Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem A. GLUCKLICH BOOK REVIEWS ULLENDORFF, Edward, and C. F. BECKINGHAM, The Hebrew Letters of Prester John-Oxford, Oxford University Press

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