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Theo C.M. Bakker

THE STUDY OF INTERSEXUAL SELECTION USING QUANTITATIVE GENETICS by THEO C.M. BAKKER 1,2) (Abt. Verhaltensökologie, Zoologisches Institut, University of Bern, Wohlenstrasse 50a, CH-3032 Hinterkappelen, Switzerland) (Acc. 15-III-1999) Summary In this review, I stress the importance of

Wolf Blanckenhorn and Claudia Mühlhäuser

THE QUANTITATIVE GENETICS OF SEXUAL SELECTION IN THE DUNG FLY SEPSIS CYNIPSEA by CLAUDIA MÜHLHÄUSER and WOLF U. BLANCKENHORN 1,2) (Zoologisches Museum, Universität Zürich, CH-8057 Zürich, Switzerland) (Acc. 2-XII-2003) Summary In the common dung or black scavenger  y Sepsis cynipsea (Diptera

Pieter J. Drent, Arie J. van Noordwijk, Kees van Oers, Gerdien de Jong and B. Kempenaers

studying the evolution of animal personalities. Keywords : behavioural syndrome, quantitative genetics, genotype environment interaction, reaction norm, phenotypic plasticity, context dependence, Parus major . Introduction Individual differences in e.g. aggression, neophobia, exploration and bold- ness in

Roberto Sacchi, Marco Mangiacotti, Stefano Scali, Michele Ghitti, Beatrice Bindolini and Marco A.L. Zuffi

traits of the head scales in Vipera ursinii to vary between 0.32 and 0.70. In this paper we used geometric morphometrics analyses and quantitative genetics to assess the heritability patterns of head shape of common wall lizard ( Podarcis muralis ) in order to determine genetic and not

W. Scharloo

in quantitative genetics was thus usually done under constant environmental conditions and the gene-physiological work usually employed a constant genetic background. Notable exceptions are found in the work of FALCONER (FALCONER and LATYSZEWSKY, 1952; FALCONER, 1960b), ROBERTSON (1959, 1960), and


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directions in ecological physiology Feder M.E. Bennett A.F. Burggren W.W. Huey R.B. Cambridge University Press Cambridge 1987 Becker W.A. Manual of quantitative genetics., 4th ed. 1984 Academic Enterprises, Pullman, WA Bennett A.F. Interindividual variability: an underutilized resource. New

Alex Beharav, Moshe Pinthus J. and Avigdor Cahaner

-allelic gene interactions and the interpretation of quantitative genetics data. N.C. Agric. Exp. Sta., Raleigh, N.C., Tech. Bull. No. 118, 117 1955 Jinks J.L. Pooni H.S. Comparison of inbred lines produced by single seed descent and pedigree inbreeding. Heredity 1984 53 299 308 Kempthorne D. An

Marcus W. Feldman, Freddy B. Christiansen and Sarah P. Otto

– 64 . Everitt PF . 1910 . Tables of the tetrachoric functions for fourfold correlation tables . Biometrika . 7 : 437 – 451 . Ewens WJ . 2004 . Mathematical population genetics . 2nd ed. Berlin : Springer-Verlag . Falconer DS . 1960 . Introduction to quantitative genetics

Ary Hoffmann and Vanessa Kellermann

melanogaster species group: how and when did two become five? Mol. Biol. Evol. 18: 1272-1282. Blanckenhorn, W.E., Heyland, A. 2005. The quantitative genetics of two life history trade-offs in the yellow dung fly in abundant and limited food environments. Evol. Ecol. 18: 385-402. Blows, M