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talmudic scholarship, namely, misleading attributions in the Talmud. Repetitions in the Talmud: The Case of Rav Papa While exploring the Talmud, one immediately becomes aware of repetitive phrases or identical rulings employed by the same Amora in totally different contexts. Indeed, in some


Geoffrey Herman

‬‎ ; MS Munich 95 ‮מ‬‎ ; MS Oxford ‮א‬‎ ‮אמ׳ רב. ד א״ר | דרב. א דרבא | סבא. ו ל׳ | בריא. דאו בריאה מ בריא׳ | מישון. אומ מישן | מיתא. ד מיתה או מתה מ מית׳ | מאי. דמ ומה או מה | גוססין לחולין דו חולין לגוססין אמ חולים לגוססי׳.‬‎ Rav Papa the elder said in the name of Rav

Michael L. Satlow

, temple servant, or other servant of this House of God]" [Ezra 7:24]. H. Rav Yehudah said, "Tribute"-this is the portion of the king; "poll tax"-this is the head tax; "land tax"-this is the 'amona'. III. A. Rav Papa levied the digging of a street-ditch on orphans. B. Rav Shisha son of Rav Idi said to Rav

Jordan D. Rosenblum

would do so. 44 Some manuscripts omit “from Pumbedita.” Pumbedita was a Babylonian town famous for its renowned rabbinic academy (cp. Cambridge in England and New England). 45 In B. Ber. 43b, Rav Papa uses a quote he attributes to Rava to justify an act that is not in accordance with halakhah


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prescribing square boxes (‘houses’) instead of small, round ones: May we say that the Mishna teaches in accordance to what our rabbis taught: That phylacteries should be square is a law set down by Moses at Sinai. And Rava said: both in their square and their seam; said Rav Papa: the Mishna speaks only about

Hillel Gamoran

influence a third party to lend him money. He did not consider this interest since the money was not given to the person who lent the funds 46). The Gemara in fact cites an example of this practice. Certain wax merchants used to give balls of wax to Abba Mar in order that he persuade his father, Rav Papa (4

Arnold A. Lasker and Daniel J. Lasker

that sixty days should elapse from the equinox, and, then, on the sixty-first day, the prayer should begin. Rav, the head of the other great Babylonian academy, Sura, con- tended that the prayer should be said on the sixtieth day itself'2). Rav Papa declared that the halakhah is in accordance with Rav

Avinoam Cohen

Neharde’a and Mehoza, the latter from Sura. 33 Moreover, it is clear from the sugyah in Zebahim that the event did not necessarily occur where either of the parties were resident. 34 Indeed, neither Rava nor Rav Papa or Ravina are known to have lived in Harmakh. We may therefore conclude that in our case

Feldman, Louis H.

apparently relatively rare; and we find the ruling of the third-century Rabbi Ammi (ibid.) that whoever takes in addition to his present wife another one must divorce the former and pay her the amount of the marriage document. The fourth-century Rav Papa asks whether it is possible that before God one wife

Gershom Frankfurter and Rivka Ulmer

Fall. Bei Verallge- meinerungen ist daher grol3te Vorsicht geboten. Es gilt auf3erdem der Grundsatz, das Gesetz auszulegen, ohne die Alten zu beschamen. Im ba- bylonischen Talmud, Traktat Bava Batra 130b, heil3t es: "Es sagte Raba dem Rav Papa und dem Rav Huna, dem Sohn Rav Jehoshuas: Wenn eine