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Russian Politics (RUPO) is an international, peer-reviewed journal examining the scholarship of intersections between on the one hand, Russian studies, and on the other hand Politics, Law, Economics and Russian history. This journal will feature a diverse range of perspectives through its editorial board in order to encourage a transnational and global study of Russian Politics. This approach involves the study of Russian politics as a broad system of human experience, social changes, statecraft and global political tendencies, which enhances the authentic value of the journal among those already existing. The professional composition of the editorial board which is represented by editors insistently assigned for their expertise in this field of science and politics will guarantee qualitatively good contributions to each volume of RUPO.
The journal’s focus on a broad definition of Russian politics copes with the demand of global scholarship which finds itself confronted with different social, cultural and legal meanings of politics and statecraft in and of the Russian Federation. This approach allows for contributions concerned with Russian politics in different times and places, inside and outside the national borders of the Russian Federation, which clearly relates to the political situation the country is situated in after the decline of the Soviet Union.
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drunkenness and other drink-related problems, the long campaign to revise the alcohol controls regime has some important lessons for students of mid-19th-century Russian politics. The first, a lesson taught many times 78 but illustrated with special clarity here, is that bureaucratic roles and rivalries were

In: Russian History
Russian Political Parties
A collection of books illustrating the broad array of political parties in the former Russian Empire

Collection based on the catalogue of an exhibition on the subject, held in 1990 at the State Historical Library in Moscow, illustrating the broad array of political parties in the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The general literature concerns political life in the Russian empire and the activity of the Russian parliament (Duma). Also included are documents of different political parties ranging from the extreme right (monarchists) to anarchist, social democrats and social-revolutionaries.

PHILIP POMPER (Middletown, CT, U.S.A.) RUSSIAN POLITICAL CULTURE AND GLOBALIZA TION In her recent article Maryanne Ozernoy avers that Russia's cycles of re- form and counter-reform mark the ongoing struggles of Russia's adminis- trative elites "to maintain political dominance and economic

In: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review

REVIEW ARTICLES/CRITIQUES EXHAUSTIFS BARBARA T. NORTON (Chester, Penn., U.S.A.) RUSSIAN POLITICAL MASONRY, 1917, AND HISTORIANS Despite the quantity of historical literature which the February Revolution of 1917 has occasioned, scholars have written relatively little