actors seldom react based solely on these premises, but rather mobilize these responses in relation to the diplomatic opportunities and rewards their actions can provide. As the empirical analysis shows, the Brazilian ‘responsibility while protecting’ (RwP) corollary to R2P encompasses both norm

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-indifference’ of the country with respect to situations that pose a threat to international peace and security. A second major change in Brazilian diplomacy stems from the country’s proposal of the novel concept of ‘Responsibility while Protecting’ (RwP), a twist on the aforementioned concept of RtoP. As a result

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’ (RWP). 1 This article asks what brought the R2P discussion to this point, what the proposed new approach would entail, what the international response has been, and what RWP signifies. As developed by Brazil the RWP proposal asks for stricter criteria in invoking and implementing R2P. The proposal

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international community to apply non-consensual, coercive measures (pillar iii ) against states that are manifestly failing to uphold their primary responsibility to protect. Brazil’s ‘Responsibility While Protecting’ (RwP) 4 and China’s semi-official ‘Responsible Protection’ ( rp ) 5 concept provide two

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Fotomechanische herdruk van de magazijncatalogi van de firma's Frederik Muller & Cie (1893) en R.W.P. de Vries (1907) en de veilingcatalogi van de collectie J.F.M. Scheepers (1947 en 1949)
Editor: H.W. de Kooker
Authors: Pleket, H.W. and Stroud, R.S.

of Apollo at Kyrene as given by SEC (R.-W.P.: found at Marsa Diba, on the Tripolitanian coast). We give the text of L.Moretti (per litt.). Inscription [- - - - -]υσανίου[γυμνασι]αρχήσας[χαλκᾶς ξ]ύστρας4[ὀγδ]οήκοντα[Ἑρμᾶι κα]ὶ Ἡρακλε[ῖ] υσανίου γυμνασιαρχήσας χαλκᾶς ξύστρας ὀγδοήκοντα Ἑρμᾶι καὶ

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of tomato compared to other populations. The other populations KHW/T6 ( M. incognita ), MUL/T3 ( M. incognita ) and RWP/T3 ( M. javanica ) exhibited similar root weights. The FSD/T8 ( M. incognita ) and RWP/T3 ( M. javanica ) population showed a statistically ( P ⩽ 0.05 ) greater shoot length than

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Author: James Pattison

. Two issues particularly highlight this concern. The first is Puri’s discussion Brazil’s ‘Responsibly while Protecting’ (RwP) proposal. 23 RwP was advanced by Brazil as a means of continuing to develop the r2p in the light of criticisms of the intervention in Libya. 24 In general, RwP is

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contributor to peacekeeping troops. The country also seeks to shape international views on humanitarian intervention and protection of civilians in armed conflicts. Amid the Libyan crisis in 2011, Brasília conceived of the concept of “responsibility while protecting” (RwP), a corollary to the norm of

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that the Romanian Worker’s Party (RWP) implemented such a policy (175). In general, Bottoni convincingly proves by a series of examples and arguments that, on the one hand, the history of the Hungarian minority is much more complex than a story of a national group vic- timized by another. On the other

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