Michael Vicko Zolondek

.31-33 ; passion prediction ; Peter’s rebuke ; Satan-saying According to the Gospels, Jesus speaks about his coming suff er- ing and death on several occasions. Th e fi rst of three explicit predic- tions Jesus makes of his suff ering and death is found in Mk 8.31-33. 238 M.V. Zolondek / Journal for the Study of

Christos Karakolis

’s Confes- sion and the ‚SatanSaying: Th e Problem of Jesus’ Messiahship,“ Th e Future of Our Religious Past: Essays in Honour of Rudolf Bultmann (hg. J.M. Robinson; New York u.a.: Harper & Row, 1971) 173; Schnackenburg, Evangelium nach Markus , 1.214-215; C.E.B. Cranfi eld, Th e Gospel According to Mark

Bernard H. Mehlman

Abraham. Satan appears one more time in the Allaaseh, coming to Abraham as he is bound and readied for propulsion into the fiery furnace. He advises him to acknowledge Nimrod as god and save himself from certain death in the fiery furnace. Abraham spurns Satan, saying, "May Adonai rebuke you, 0 Satan

Colleen Donnelly

’s suffering and taunts Christ, warning that he shall go after more souls: “Ȝef þou ruest me of myne,/ y shal reue þe of þyne;/ y shal gon from mon to mon/ ant rue þy of mony on” (119–122). 79 At that, Jesus mocks Satan, saying he and his demons have little power over men; he binds Satan until the Final