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hierarchal relationships between diff erent human groups, the Shepherd Dog became a powerful metaphor of Nazi and colonial memories through- out much of the world. Keywords Shepherd dogs, Germany, Japan, fascism, imperialism, breed, race Introduction On April 22, 1899, in the southern German city of Stuttgart

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thousands more joined in, facing water cannon and German shepherd dogs whilst the prisons were overflowing. On the third day, while the police waited outside the Baptist church, children marched out of churches around the city. By Monday, children were singing and dancing into the police wagons. On Tuesday

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end (i.e., the routing and retrieval of game), now they had become companions newly worthy for their inbred qualities. At the summit of this period stand two Shepherd dogs, Kongō and Nachi, who lost their lives in the line of duty, but not before bravely killing enemy soldiers in the Manchurian

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, usually in negative strokes, although sometimes it is used positively too. In one direction, dogs are portrayed in positive terms, as watch-dogs, shepherd-dogs, hunting hounds, and companions. 15 They have keen senses, tenacity, and legendary loyalty. This characterization can also be used metaphorically

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, for example, among “pets,” farm animals, and even, in some instances, wild animals. One finds intense love for, and devotion to, work animals, such as horses, shepherd dogs, or oxen, who are considered companions. Animals are often seen as part of one’s family, as “folks,” recognized as subjects. And

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479 Wachs, T.D. & Grün, G.E. (1982). Early experience and human development. — Plenum Press, New York. Wilsson, E. (1984). The social interaction between mother and offspring during weaning in German shepherd dogs: individual differences between mothers and their effects on offspring. — Appl. Anim

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. , Paoletti , E. , Papi , F. , Ducci , M. , & Gazzano , A. ( 2011 ) Survey of undesirable behaviors in German shepherd dogs . Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research , 6 , 88 - 89 . Merck , M. D. ( 2007 ). Veterinary forensics . Ames, Iowa : Blackwell Publishing

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have occupied Eduard’s house, stream out of the first floor into the street, accompanied by their German Shepherd dogs. Shortly after the book was published I began doing research on it. I visited basically all the sites that are mentioned in the book. When I came to Rigaer Strasse, precisely the area

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help the dog. She lived with us for six years, lame in one leg; when she died of cancer. I called her Bouzoo because she had the typical black snout and golden long hair of these shepherd dogs, the same breed are to be found all over the Middle East where shepherds roam. I saw many Bouzoos in Jordan

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definition of the dogs' breed. Rottweilers are often typecast in popular media and in apocryphal urban legends as the canine villains of the day, like Doberman Pinchers, St. Bernards (Hobbs, 1995), and German Shepherd dogs before them. Relatedly, Hearne ( 1991 ) discusses the social construction of the

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