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Author: Robert Poulin

1. Introduction In recent years, social network models have provided a strong predictive framework to understand both infection risk at an individual host level and parasite transmission through host populations (Drewe, 2010; Godfrey et al., 2010; Fenner et al., 2011; MacIntosh et al., 2012

In: Behaviour

of the social networks are more appropriate to the ‘high’ subject matter of epic art than to the ‘low’ materials of comic melodrama – something that Mozart’s contemporary Italian rivals were not slow to register (Cairns: 2007). On the other hand, the relatively long duration of the piece places

In: Evolution and Popular Narrative
Authors: Di Zhu, Feng Tian, and Xiaobing Wang

With the increasing penetration of the Internet into the social life of human beings, virtual social networks have become an indispensable tool for the interaction of people in real life. In 2016, WhatsApp, the social software under Facebook, announced that its monthly active users exceeded 1

In: Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 6

research in 2008–2009 (Nikolova and Maroufof, 2010 ) and 2010 (Maroufof, 2013b ), social networks, which included compatriots as well as Greek employers and migration industry actors, emerged as playing a key role in Georgian migrants’ initial decision to migrate, the choice of destination, travel

In: European Journal of Migration and Law

global society. Network religion, according to Peter Beyer, is one form that religion takes alongside others, including state religion, spirituality, organized religion (as exemplified by denominations), and social movements as a form of religion. 7 Religious social networks are distinct from