David Douglas Daniels, III

, as sound blended the sound of prayer, preaching, testifying, singing, music-making, and silence. Embedded in early Pentecostal sound are primal cries, speech, music, and ambient sound which, for early Pentecostals, func- tioned as a circular continuum that Pentecostal soundways traveled. Encompassing


Michaela Ann Cameron

missionary captured faint traces of the indigenous soundways , 4 too, whether he personally understood them or not. Yet, boosting the audibility of the faint traces of indigenous soundways captured on Biard’s textual recording requires us to know more about the Armouchiquois; a notoriously shady group


Sylwia Wilczewska

, Netherworld Bookshop, Hermes Soundways, Orpheus Travel, Mythos Films – are connected to mythology. “Slithe & Tovey” is a meaningful exception; it refers to a fragment of Lewis Carroll’s poem read by Alice right after she began exploring the other side of the looking glass. According to Humpty Dumpty, “slithe