, feeding, bubble net, kinematic, spiral-loop, double-loop. 1. Introduction Humpback whales ( Megaptera novaeangliae ) are large baleen whales (8.5 m at 0.5 years to 14.3 m at 17 years of age; Stevick, 1999) that feed on a variety of relatively small prey species, each of which aggregate in dense concentra

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, evolves as the Kantian das ding (thing-in-itself) in the trilogy, a loose anthropomorphic entity, surviving outside the body. All words must be emptied out of the voice to reach the ending of voice and the beginning of silence; the spiralling loop comprises falling into the nothingness of the voice and

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, sometimes irregularly. Cephalic capsule present or absent. Six small outer labial papillae, four long cephalic setae and 6-16 subcephalic setae. Mouth opening minute, buccal cavity small or absent, teeth absent. Amphidial fovea spiral, loop-shaped, or a small pore, often situated near anterior extremity

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the Yellow Court Scripture . 3 There are also several inscriptions that cite passages from this scripture, an essential text for the Taoist tradition of the Upper Clarity. On the head, three spiral loops encircle the top of the head and above the two ears. 4 The Forehead bears three dots arranged

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in lieu of a seal or signature. Chinese chiromancy was many years ahead of its European counterpart. Distinctive patterns of spirals, loops, and whorls on human fingertips are well illustrated. However, analysis of dermatoglyphic patterns had never been used in criminology. In the essay “The

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