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Spirit Baptism

The Pentecostal Experience in Theological Focus


David Perry

The Pentecostal experience of Spirit baptism remains an important topic of discussion more than a century after the inception of the Pentecostal movement. In Spirit Baptism: The Pentecostal Experience in Theological Focus David Perry moves beyond traditional debates by focusing on the meaning and function of the experience within the Pentecostal community.

Grounded in the Pentecostal experience itself, he explores the meaning of the experience in terms of its cognitive, effective, constitutive and communicative function. He demonstrates the enduring value of the experience of Spirit baptism to the Pentecostal community and emphasises what is centrally important – a powerful and transformative encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Tony G. Moon

‘expansive’ and complex understanding of Spirit baptism than Classical Pentecostal theologians have traditionally affirmed. 4 He redefines and stretches the boundaries of the Spirit baptism metaphor in a more holistic way than the traditional Classical Pentecostal definition of charismatic empowerment for

Roland Wessels

127 The Spirit Baptism, Nineteenth Century Roots Roland Wessels* Pentecostals claim that there is a life transforming and empowering experience subsequent to conversion, called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, (The prepositions "in" and "with" are also used. Often it is now being designated "the

Brandon Kertson

Introduction Since 1901, with the report of Agnes Ozman’s baptism in the Spirit with tongues as evidence, Spirit baptism with speaking in tongues has been considered one of the primary distinctives of the pentecostal movement in the United States. 1 For instance, one of the world

Norbert Baumert

subject which have appeared in this journal (see below section 4). In contradistinction to K. McDonnell a different catholic position is given here: The term ‘Spirit-baptism’ as used within the Pentecostal-charis- matic movement means neither the sacramental grace of initiation nor the setting-free of it

Ernest Best

SPIRIT-BAPTISM BY ERNEST BEST The Manse Minterburn, Caledon N. Ireland According to the Q (Matt. iii m, 12 = Luke iii 16, 17) 1), Marcan (i 8) and Johannine (i 33) traditions John the Baptist is regarded as prophesying that whereas he baptises with water there will be a baptism with the Spirit

Caroline Redick

as agape , that make it possible to fulfill these standards. This article will complement Taylor’s excavation of powerful moral resources by arguing that Spirit baptism, understood as participation in divine love, is a retrieval of agape as a moral source. This will be accomplished, first, by

Clark H. Pinnock

L8S 4K1, Canada Abstract Frank Macchia’s Baptized in the Spirit is a signifi cant volume in Christian theology written by a leading American Pentecostal theologian. Th e book sheds light on topic after topic, employing Spirit baptism as the guiding principle. Macchia argues that

Andrew K. Gabriel

fulfillment and anticipation of eschatological expectations and that the eschatological nature of the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost carries implications for ministry and Christian living and for the doctrine of Spirit baptism. The first section of this article provides the biblical foundations for the

Alex R. Mayfield

* Alex R. Mayfield ( md iv, Boston College) is a doctoral student at Boston University School of Theology. 1 A Less-trod Bridge: Confirmation and Spirit Baptism One of the most fruitful avenues for ecumenical dialogue remains practice. While the ‘meat’ of theological disparity provides an