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The survey moves from the analysis of a well-known passage of Aulus Gellius concerning the punishment for theft in ancient legal cultures (N.A. 11.18). The close inspection of the precisely ordered structure of Gellian text reveals some hitherto undetected aspects of Gellius’ working method, providing insight into the manner in which he managed his legal sources (particularly Sabinus’ works). This issue, of literary and cultural interest (the exegesis discloses a sort of ‘commentary’ on Sabinus’ works), is at the core of the present study and extends throughout its first part. The relationship between Gellius and the works of the Roman jurists, however, does not exhaust the interest of N.A. 11.18. The structural analysis of Gellius’ Chapter 18 will enable us, in fact, to read in a new light the discussion on Roman theft provided by Gaius’ Institutes (Gai 3.183 ff.). We devote the second part of this study to a short analysis of Gaian text as well, which can be extensively compared with N.A. 11.18. The contrast between the structures of the two texts will help us track down some common elements, providing us with evidence of a shared underlying pattern. This result makes a textual contribution to the never-ending debate on the ‘model’ of Gaius’ Institutes, on the one hand, and to the palingenesis of Sabinus’ Libri iuris civilis, on the other.

In: Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis / Revue d'Histoire du Droit / The Legal History Review

DIE ANTINIZÄNISCHE SYNODALAKTENSAMMLUNG DES SABINUS VON HERAKLEA VON WOLF-DIETER HAUSCHILD Mitunter empfiehlt es sich, altere Forschungsergebnisse zu uberprufen, zumal wenn sie seit Jahrzehnten ungepruft weitergereicht werden, wie es der Fall ist bei der Rekonstruktion der verschollenen

In: Vigiliae Christianae

and 264, Corsten]. Bibliography DittenbergerW.PurgoldK.Inschriften von OlympiaBerlin1896 SalomiesO.Arctos: acta philologica Fennica342000 Entry metadata SEG entrySEG 50 1106Publication year2000TypeepigraphicalInscriptionI.Iasos 86 | IvO 355Themen/aSelected Topics:Appius_Sabinus Inscription metadata

In: Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online
Authors: Pleket, H.W. and Stroud, R.S.

, 1578, 4119 and 4121-4122: probably of Italian provenance, like C. Scaptius Sabinus mentioned in LL. 2-3; the other deceased are probably his freedmen, edd. pr. Cf. also SEG 33 899. Entry metadata

In: Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online

⇐ PreviousBrowse ⇑Next ⇒ Entry SEG 1 152. On the basis of a copy made by J.Bousquet and following a suggestion made by C.Eilers, J.-L.Ferrary in op.cit. (cf. SEG 47 2312) 223 note 67, restores the name of the honorand in LL. 1/2 as Πο[ππαῖον Σα]|βεῖνον, i.e., C.Poppaeus Sabinus, legatus Augusti pro

In: Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online

⇐ PreviousBrowse ⇑Next ⇒ Entry SEG 1 152. C.Eilers, ZPE 134 (2001) 284-286, recognizes in the honored person C.Poppaeus Sabinus, consul in 9 A.D. and governor of Macedonia, Moesia and Achaia under Tiberius, from 15 A.D. onwards (as already suggested by P.Foucart apud W.H.Waddington, Fastes des

In: Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online