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Author: Eduard Jordaan

1 Introduction At the UN Human Rights Council ( UNHRC ), South Africa has a record of defending human rights-abusing regimes. 1 South Africa admits that it opposes “naming and shaming” countries over their rights records, but insists that internationally it is a defender of

In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations
Ten years of democracy in South Africa is celebrated with a range of books: Imagined South Africa. This series chronicles the multiple ways in which South Africans of all colours and ideological persuasions have been responding, either critically or creatively, to the numerous contradictions in ten years of democracy. Co-published with UNISA Press, Pretoria, this series was published between 2004 and 2009.

's mandate was to discover the most effective policy for fostering peaceful change in South Africa. It denied that the United States had any vital strategic or military interests in South Africa and downplaye...

In: The SHAFR Guide Online
Author: Chris Saunders

When nothing seems to make sense, history becomes the supreme discipline. ‘The Uses of Nostalgia’, The Economist , 22 December 2018–4 January 2019, 11 1 Introduction While the liberation struggles that led to the independence of Namibia and then the transfer of power in South Africa had as a