Daisuke Murakami

Japanese Imaginings of Tibet: Past and Present DAISUKE MURAKAMI Independent Scholar daisuke_tibet@kaze-travel.co.jp ABSTRACT This article attempts to demonstrate and analyse Japanese images and fantasies that have been projected onto Tibet both in Japan’s colonial and contemporary eras. The

Hildegard Diemberger

Life Histories of Forgotten Heroes? Transgression of Boundaries and the Reconstruction of Tibet in the post-Mao Era HILDEGARD DIEMBERGER University of Cambridge, UK hgmd2@cam.ac.uk ABSTRACT Oral-history projects in the Tibetan areas of China face the challenge of dealing with a highly contested

Henry Sanderson

Transgression of the Frontier: An Analysis of Documents Relating to the British Invasion of Tibet 1 HENRY SANDERSON Columbia University, USA henry.sanderson@gmail.com The Tibetans were well satisfied with the issue of the negotiations. And I dare say in their heart of hearts, and despite all

Tim Myatt

Looting Tibet: Conflicting Narratives and Representations of Tibetan Material Culture from the 1904 British Mission to Tibet TIM MYATT University of Oxford tim.myatt@wolfson.oxon.org ABSTRACT This paper presents new research regarding the contentious issue of looting during the Younghusband

Hildegard Diemberger

Inner Asia 10 (2008): 153–69 © 2008 Global Oriental Ltd The 12th Dorje Phagmo of Tibet, ‘Female Living Buddha’ and Cadre: A Political Paradox? HILDEGARD DIEMBERGER University of Cambridge hgmd2@cam.ac.uk ABSTRACT This paper looks at the Samding Dorje Phagmo as an example of a minority

Robert Barnett

Younghusband Redux: Chinese Dramatisations of the British Invasion of Tibet ROBeRT BaRneTT Columbia University, New York, USA rjb58@columbia.edu aBsTRaCT a film, a television series, four plays and an opera have been produced in China since 1997 dramatising the invasion of Tibet by the British

Yangdon Dhondup

writings. Set in Tibet, Encounter reconstructs from different perspectives the British expedition to Tibet. This paper attempts to show that, although Encounter may depart on the surface from the other works written by Ge Fei, it nevertheless remains true to the author’s preoccupation with notions of time

texts such as the Tang Annals and post- imperial Tibetan buddhist works like the Vase- shaped Pillar Testament . However, as Central Tibetan and Chinese historians used Wencheng to index the complex relationship between Tibet and China, eastern Tibetan historians pre- served lesser- known, potentially

Mark Chadwick

International Criminal Law Review (2009) 359–394 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI 10.1163/157181209X418562 brill.nl/icla International Criminal Law Review Modern Developments in Universal Jurisdiction: Addressing Impunity in Tibet and Beyond Mark Chadwick * Intern, International Bar

Rebecca Empson

BOOK REVIEWS 295 EDUCATION IN TIBET Catriona Bass Education in Tibet: Policy and Practice since 1950 London: Zed Books, in association with Tibet Information Network, 1998. ISBN 1-85649673-2 (HB) £45.00, 1-85649674-0 (PB) £15.95 Education in Tibet: Policy and Practice since 1950 is a balanced