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Author: Rama Mani

shaping peace and justice, this article draws attention to the need to recognise the creative agency of women and its valuable albeit intangible benefi ts for TJ and peacebuilding. Keywords women; culture ; art ; southern feminine aesthetics ; creative agency ; transitional justice (TJ) 1. Introduction If

In: International Criminal Law Review
Parties negotiating the end of authoritarian regimes or armed conflicts are almost inevitably left in a situation of legal uncertainty. Despite their overlapping scope of application, the differences between the approaches of International Criminal Law (ICL) and Transitional Justice (TJ) are so profound that, unless dogmatisms are left aside and a process of dialogue is entered into, it will not be possible to harmonize the current legal regime of international crimes with the need to articulate transitional processes that are capable of effectively overcoming authoritarian regimes and armed conflicts. The serious material limitations shown by national, international and hybrid ICL enforcement mechanisms should be acknowledged and the goals pursued by ICL should be redefined accordingly. A minimum level of consensus on the scope of application, goals and elements of TJ should also be reached. Situations of systematic or large scale violence against the civilian population by transnational criminal organizations increase the challenge.
Author: Jeremy Sarkin

African Republic, Nigeria, and Afghanistan. There is a creeping erosion of global freedom including, specifically, freedom of expression. 16 Various questions arise as to what can be done in these circumstances. Consequently, the article examines what role transitional justice ( tj ) can play in

In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

1 Introduction While the language of transformation and inclusion has recently gained traction in the transitional justice (TJ) field, 1 we still know too little about whether and how TJ mechanisms can achieve these ambitions in practice. The challenges of realising transformation and

In: International Criminal Law Review
Author: Tara L. Van Ho

potential reversion of land rights from foreign corporations to Colombian citizens raises concerns about the intersection of international investment law ( iil ) and international human rights law ( ihrl ) in the context of transitional justice ( tj ) initiatives. Transitional justice is the process by

In: International Human Rights Law Review
Author: Manny Zhang

* The author thanks Dr. Dorota Gozdecka for helpful commentary and review. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 1 Introduction Recent decades have seen the proliferation of transitional justice ( TJ ) processes across highly diverse contexts, in part as a

In: International Human Rights Law Review

Introduction Transitional justice ( tj ) has become a dominant lens through which legacies of a violent past are addressed, 2 with the focus on repression and atrocities on behalf of a previous regime, as well as new uncertainties created by the transition process itself. 3 The South African

In: The Limits of Transition: The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission 20 Years on

1 Introduction One of the matters facing States during processes of transition is how to prosecute members of the armed forces who have committed grave crimes during war, and but also the readjustment of their role in post-conflict situations. Both Transitional Justice (TJ) 1 and the principles of

In: Jus Post Bellum