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Author: Muriel Atkin

Introduction 1 The overwhelming majority of Tajikistan’s roughly 7.6 million inhabitants (in 2011) belong to nationalities which are historically Muslim, specifically Sunnis who follow the Hanafi legal school. That fact does not, by itself, reveal much about their attitudes toward the role

In: Journal of Persianate Studies
Author: Lukas Anderson

powerful, stable states in the region, Iran’s preferences for order may be decisive. In foregrounding Tajikistan, this research seeks to explore the character of Iran’s state identity through its behavior in a little-researched region and in connection to a facet of identity, Persian culture, that has

In: Central Asian Affairs
Author: Edward J. Lemon

Building resilient secular citizens: Tajikistan’s response to the Islamic State Edward J. Lemon Department of Politics, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK ABSTRACT Between 500 and 1000 citizens of Tajikistan have travelled to take part in hostilities in Syria and Iraq. The majority of these

In: Caucasus Survey
Author: Edward Lemon

terrorists” ( bainalmilli terroriston ). He stated that these men wanted to overthrow the government and enforce an Islamic state based on shari’a law in Tajikistan. Long-time government opponent Mullo Abdullo led the group. The death of Mullo Abdullo brought to an end one of the most serious episodes of

In: Central Asian Affairs

1 Introduction This paper uses field interviews conducted in the summer of 2014 to provide a snapshot of the challenges shareholders faced in five cotton-producing districts in Tajikistan when actualizing their land rights. Additionally, this paper uses original data based on government

In: Central Asian Affairs
Author: Patryk Reid

The shipping agents of Tajikistan were decisive in establishing and growing the regional Soviet economy in the early 1930s. They served enterprises and individuals by delivering goods that were critical to the construction of socialism. Ironically, though, the manner in which freightage was

In: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review

1 Introduction ‘Rebyat, nam nuzhno govorit’ (Russian for “People, we have to talk”)! What is happening in our country [Tajikistan], and in Central Asia in general is not normal. It is ruthless and sickening that issues such as harassment, gender inequality and gender-based violence are

In: Central Asian Affairs