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Øyvind Ravna

1. Introduction 1.1. Problems to Be Addressed The Finnmark Commission, authorised in the 2005 Finnmark Act, 1 is established to investigate the scope and content of the rights held by Sámi and other people living in Finnmark on the basis of prescription or immemorial usage on the former

Øyvind Ravna

identification and recognition process, aimed at defining the ownership and use rights to these lands, for which the Finnmark Commission was given a mandate. The Commission thus stands as one of the most important institutions established to meet the legal commitments Norway undertook by signing ILO-169

Øyvind Ravna and Nigel Bankes

Court in 2001, 24 suggest that the typical Sámi use can imply an independent and protected right based on immemorial usage”. The reasoning supporting the bill did not offer any particular conclusion as to the status of Sámi title or usage. Instead it provided that the Finnmark Commission 25

Malgosia Fitzmaurice

/ International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 16 (2009) 67–156 105 In conclusion, it has to be observed that the Act does not cover fi shing rights in saltwater, mining or oil rights. Chapter 5 is of fundamental importance as it regulates the Finnmark Commission, which on the basis of current national law