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Israel Knohl

memory until the monarchic period. In the course of the redaction of the Book of Judges, his name was inserted into the concluding part of the story of Ehud (Judges 3:31) and within the Song of Deborah. The description of Israel’s weakness, which is expressed by the abandonment of un-walled settlements

Peter R. Ackroyd

SHORT NOTES THE COMPOSITION OF THE SONG OF DEBORAH GERLEMAN'S study of stylistic problems in the Song of Deborah 1) has brought to notice a number if important points, not least in the contrast between the styles of the prose narrative in Judges iv and the poetry of Judges v 2). Whereas the

Gillis Gerleman

THE SONG OF DEBORAH IN THE LIGHT OF STYLISTICS BY GILLIS GERLEMAN Lund The interpretation of Judges v presents difficulties in many ways unparalleled in the Old Testament. Its language is stamped by an archaic quality and a brevity which makes its meaning not easily intelligible. The Song of

Johannes C. De Moor

THE TWELVE TRIBES IN THE SONG OF DEBORAH1 by JOHANNES C. DE MOOR Kampen 1 Introduction In his influential study of the tribal system of ancient Israel Mar- tin Noth argued that the two main systems involving twelve tribes must have originated after the Song of Deborah had been written because

P.C. Craigie

SHORT NOTES SOME FURTHER NOTES ON THE SONG OF DEBORAH 1. Judges v 6-9 These verses contain a number of difficulties, notably in verse 8, which has been the subject of extensive study 1). I suggest the follow- ing consonantal text and translation 2) ; justification for the rendering is provided

Emanuel Tov

THE TEXTUAL HISTORY OF THE SONG OF DEBORAH IN THE A TEXT OF THE LXX by EMANUEL TOV Jerusalem The main possibilities for explaining the relationship between MSS A ... and B ... (hereafter : A text and B text) in Judges may have been explored i), but to date no conclusive evidence has been