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-Suharto, Islamic caliphate, nation-state, Umma (Islamic community) Introduction “Th e imperialists poisoned society ( umma ) with nationalism, patriotism, socialism, as they poisoned them with a narrow concept of regions and terri- tory . . . [within this context] they were poisoned with the illusion that to

In: Asian Journal of Social Science

between the three groups which con- stituted his Umma (Islamic community) included certain elements of insurance: 1) the diya (blood money), to ensure that everyone's life should be considered inviolable, 2) fidya (ransom of prisoners of war), to ensure that one's freedom is always sought, 3) joint action

In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient
Author: Sanae Elmoudden

addresses the umma (Islamic community) and characteristics of the diaspora in the midst of digitalization of Islam. Information technologies, asserts Mandaville, are more than a dispensing of information to ‘given communities’, they are spaces of communication where ‘identity, meaning and boundaries of

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
Authors: Monika Arnez and Eva F. Nisa

( ruhiyah Islami ), enlighten the umma (Islamic community), and avoid taboo topics such as sexuality (Senja 2012:24, 27). These principles increased Senja’s doubts as to whether she would be able to write good Islamic fiction. Finally, she asked Rosa to put her into contact with a liqo (religious

Author: Masaki Nagata

their former mutual aid agreements”. 32 Furthermore, the concept of ‘nation’ (as in the modern understanding of people united by territory, culture or language) is absent in Islam; rather, there is the notion of the umma (Islamic community), created by the Prophet following the hijrah

In: Middle East Law and Governance
Author: Michal Biran

(Islamic community of believers) 218, 223 Ummayad dynasty 271 United States 248 universities 91, 152-53, 158-59, 164 Uppsala 116, 152, 191n. 15 Urban communities /urban revolution 19-20 urbanization 253-54, 266, 269-70, 278 Uzbeks 357-59 Vác 116 Vaisnavism 250-51 Vallabhacarya 250 Vauchez, André 108

In: Medieval Encounters

Umma (Islamic Community), sharia, and the groups best poised to defend it. By characterising their idealised imagining of Islamic society as an authentic and existing model that was undermined by modern colonial and older forms of conspiracy, Islamists could make their belief that a homogeneous and

In: Handbook of Conspiracy Theory and Contemporary Religion