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or General? ; Ramesh Thakur, ‘The Political Role of the United Nations Secretary-General’, The United Nations, Peace and Security: From Collective Security to the Responsibility to Protect (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006); Edward Newman, The un Secretary-General from the Cold War to

In: Global Responsibility to Protect

CHAPTER TWO The Protection Role of the United Nations Secretary-General INTRODUCTION 19 The United Nations Secretary-General: is the moral voice of the United Nations; has a responsibility under Article 99 of the Charter to act for the prevention of conflicts; is the Chief Administrative

In: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

CHAPTER 2 Innovations in the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General Introduction As we saw in the last Chapter, the international community is turning increasingly to international organizations to co-ordinate international protection of the common welfare, to promote common, global

In: The International Law and Practice of Early-Warning and Preventive Diplomacy: The Emerging Global Watch

Chapter·I THE HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL I. Human rights, peace and security The promotion and protection of human rights are the essential and ul­ timate raison d'etre of the United Nations. The reaffirmation of faith in fundamental human rights, in the

In: Humanitarian Good Offices in International Law

Chapter III THE GOOD OFFICES OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL IN THE FIELD OF HUMAN RIGHTS I. Introduction The need for the exercise of good offices in the field of human rights by the United Nations Secretary-General was well stated by U Thant in a passage to which we have already

In: Humanitarian Good Offices in International Law

, 2007) ; Göcke and von Mohr, “United Nations, Secretary General”, in Wolfrum (gen. ed.), Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law (online ed., Oxford University Press, 2011)., but nothing sums up the position quite as well as the remark made by the first SG, Trygve Lie, to his successor, Dag

In: Special Editions Online

CHAPTER SIX Comparative Models?: Patterns of Dispute Settlement and Conflict Resolution by the United Nations Secretary-General INTRODUCTION 315 The Secretary-General of the United Nations has emerged as the Orga- nization's leading trouble-shooter for promoting the peaceful settlement of

In: The Concept and Present Status of the International Protection of Human Rights

Chapter IV CHARTER-BASED RESPONSIBILITIES AND EXPRESS HUMANITARIAN MANDATES OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL I. Practice As we have already seen, in recent years some cases have occurred in which the Secretary-General has been specifically requested by human rights organs such as the

In: Humanitarian Good Offices in International Law

THE GLOBAL FORUM Choosing the Ninth United Nations Secretary-General: Looking Back, Looking Ahead Ramesh Thakur This year marks the final year for the present editorial team. The four ed- itors were chosen in part for their individual expertise in areas of global governance. For four years, as a

In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Good Offices, Preventive Action and Peacemaking by The United Nations Secretary-General Bertram G. Ramcharan INTRODUCTION The Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907 laid the basis for the consolidation, codification and progressive development of Interna- tional Law. They started a process

In: International Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms