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Katrina M. Wyman

potential for national initiatives to address the movement of people across national borders due to climate change. 1 In the same spirit of underscoring the potential for national initiatives, this article identifies three legal options available to the United States, under existing domestic law, to

P. Terrence Hopmann

Background From the very origins of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe ( csce ), the United States has always approached its participation with some ambivalence, at times even amounting to skepticism about the institution’s value for a state not located on the European or


Michael Abbell

As recently as the early 1970s, the United States typically made and received only 40 requests for international extradition per year. As the world has become “flatter”, there has been a concomitant explosion in transnational criminal activity to which the United States has had to respond. In 2008 alone, 589 people were extradited to it and many others extradited by it. The treatise is designed for prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and academics. Written by the former Department of Justice official responsible for implementation of United States extradition statutes and treaties as it began designing the mechanisms to cope with the explosion of transnational criminal activity, it analyzes in detail the legal aspects of, and operation under, those statutes and treaties.

Additional titles by Michael Abbell include:
International Prisoner Transfer 2010
Obtaining Evidence Abroad in Criminal Cases 2010

Markku Jahnukainen and Tiina Itkonen

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI: 10.1163/156913210X12536181351033 Comparative Sociology 9 (2010) 182–201 C O M P A R A T I V E S O C I O L O G Y Disability or Learning Diffi culty? Politicians or Educators? Constructing Special Education in Finland and the United States

Steven Kettell

, given the political salience of both religious and ‘non-religious’ issues in contemporary national and global affairs. The purpose of this article is to add to formative research in this area through a comparative analysis of non-religious political activism in Britain and the United States. 7

Tithi Bhattacharya, Eric Blanc, Kate Doyle Griffiths and Lois Weiner

Edited by Jeffery R. Webber

Editor’s Introduction Few anticipated a labour upsurge in the United States in early 2018, and fewer still expected a blaze to ignite among teachers in West Virginia, or for it to spread to Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky and Colorado. Ellen David Friedman poses one of the questions which immediately

Jeffrey E. Lovich and Joshua R. Ennen

status of this taxonomic group (Gibbons et al., 2000 ; Klemens, 2000 ). The United States and Canada are now home to 58 native turtle species (Ernst and Lovich, 2009 ; Ennen et al., 2010 ; Murphy et al., 2011 ), or almost 20% of the world’s total. Of these, at least 22 (∼41%) require attention

Mildred A. Schwartz and Raymond Tatalovich

policies, as they have in Western Europe (Knill et al. 2015), and polling organizations regularly ask for opinions about them. 2 Comparing Canada and the United States Manza and Cook’s (2002) attention to the contingencies arising from history, institutions, and politics imply that the national setting

Willem Maas

citizenship. To illustrate this point, this article considers free movement in three multilevel democratic political systems: the European Union, Canada, and the United States. The next section considers the politics of borders and boundaries, amplifying and extending the arguments just made and arguing that


Patrick D. Bowen

A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 1: White American Muslims before 1975 is the first in-depth study of the thousands of white Americans who embraced Islam between 1800 and 1975. Drawing from little-known archives, interviews, and rare books and periodicals, Patrick D. Bowen unravels the complex social and religious factors that led to the emergence of a wide variety of American Muslim and Sufi conversion movements.

While some of the more prominent Muslim and Sufi converts—including Alexander Webb, Maryam Jameelah, and Samuel Lewis—have received attention in previous studies, White American Muslims before 1975 is the first book to highlight previously unknown but important figures, including Thomas M. Johnson, Louis Glick, Nadirah Osman, and T.B. Irving.