1 Background and Essential Content of the Judgment 1 , 2 “Urgenda” 3 is a Dutch non-governmental organization committed to the fight against the perils of climate change. Its name is a short version of “Urgent Agenda” and expresses the urgency of its concern. 1.1 The Decision of the

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1 Introduction The District Court of The Hague’s decision on 24 June 2015 in the Urgenda versus the Netherlands 2 case has been described as historic as regards its contribution to climate justice. Although limited in terms of its scope ratione personae to the Netherlands

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1 Introduction On 24 June 2015, the Hague District Court issued a long-awaited judgment in the case of Urgenda Foundation v. The State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) (hereinafter, the Urgenda decision). 1 The decision has been heralded as a historical

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Introduction 1 Little did we know that over three years ago, a judge in the Netherlands would set a ground-breaking example in what is presumably the most famous case thus far on climate change: the Urgenda case. Together with 886 co-plaintiffs, the foundation Urgenda 2 filed a claim

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Introduction In several eu Member States, environmental groups and concerned individuals have filed or are preparing court cases against their governments for failure to take adequate measures to combat climate change. In The Netherlands, a group for sustainable development called “ Urgenda

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ruled on the case of Urgenda v the State of the Netherlands (hereafter: the State). 1 The news headlines indicate the international importance of the ruling which, according to the Guardian, is ‘expected to cause ripples around the world’. 2 To have such an impact, the ruling must become

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which the case was originally presented. It did this through the kinds of orders that it made including summoning government departments at federal and provincial levels as well as by establishing a Climate Change Commission. 4.3 Urgenda Foundation Versus the Netherlands 44 This is a

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“ The Appeal Court confirms the judgment of the The Hague Tribunal of 24 June 2015. ” With these words on 9 October 2018 – the day before sustainability day – the The Hague Appeal Court closed the second, and probably not last, chapter in the renown Urgenda case ( ecli : nl : ghdha :2018:2591). The

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European Union and the General Court  91 Lorenzo Squintani Volume 16, No. 2 Contributors  105 Articles The Contribution of the Case Law of the cjeu to the Judicial Enforcement of EU Environmental Law in the UK  109 Juliane Kokott and Christoph Sobotta Urgenda – World Rescue by Court Order

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