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16 Water Scarcity The countries around the Gulf suffer from varying degrees of aridity, ranging from semi-aridity on the Iranian coast to total aridity on the Arabian coast. Low, scant, and irregular rainfall combines with high temperatures, bright sun- shine, and strong winds. These factors are

In: Atlas of the Gulf States
Author: Ludwig Krämer

specific attention by the Union. The articles points at the serious impact which water scarcity is likely to have in particular, though not exclusively, in Southern European countries and passes in review a number of possible options for EU wide legislation. Keywords climate change, water scarcity

In: Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law
Author: Shaojun Chen

© koninklijke brill nv, leiden, ���6 | doi ��.��63/97890043�604�_007 Chapter 6 Water Scarcity in China Chen Shaojun How well a society manages its water resources can be assessed from three points of views: security, economic sustainability and ecological sustainabil- ity. In terms of water

In: Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Special Volume

suggests that water scarcity – found by past work to be an important infl uence on armed confl ict over rivers – is also an important infl uence on peaceful eff orts to settle river problems; river claims are more likely where water supply is lower and demand is greater, but negotiations are also generally

In: International Negotiation
Author: Xiao Zhang

© koninklijke brill nv, leiden, ���6 | doi ��.��63/97890043�604�_0�8 chapter 17 Water Scarcity, Water Transfer and Water Trade in China Zhang Xiao Water and energy are both urgent and long-term environmental issues. While a lot of attention has been given to the latter, especially in relation to

In: Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Special Volume

closer look at port cities in the wider Indian Ocean region reveals, water scarcity and freshwater supply were issues that were as relevant for European settlers as for local populations, not to mention the crews of incoming ships, who regularly had to stock up on their supplies of fresh water. In the

In: Crossroads
Author: Mila Versteeg

is less t e c h n i c a l a n d e a s i e r t o g r a s p f o r t h e legal a u d i e n c e . See f o r a n i n s i g h t f u l t e c h n i c a l a c c o u n t o f the issue M. F a l k e n m a r k , Water S'carcity - Challe>7ge. � for the Future in EDWARD H.P. BRANS (ET :11,), THE SCARCITY OF WATER

In: Tilburg Law Review

COPING WITH WATER SCARCITY: THE SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF THE 19821992 DROUGHTS ON MAKOKOBA TOWNSHIP, BULAWAYO, ZIMBABWE Muchaparara Musemwa* At this point, I must thank you for rallying to the call to conserve water. Th is is yet another indication of the harmonious relationship

In: African Cities
Author: David Waterman

Neoliberalism, Water Scarcity, and Common Wealth Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia DAVID WATERMAN O H SI N HA M I D’ S N O V E L How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (2013) is both a celebration of the “resilience and potential” of Asia’s young generation and a

In: Uncommon Wealths in Postcolonial Fiction