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reworking from 1902 of the Qing dynasty didactic compilation Nü sishu (Women’s four books). Together, these two texts give us a more multifaceted picture of how missionaries engaged with Chinese society and the role of women therein. Keywords Christianity, women missionaries, female education, Ada Haven


baptism , women missionaries , Azusa Street Introduction Th e current surge of indigenous Pentecostal movements is sending missionar- ies around the globe. Meanwhile, globalization is moving waves of immigrants from place to place. Missionaries and cross-cultural ministers face tremen- dous challenges

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Bibliographic entry in Chapter 6: The United States, Asia, and the Pacific, 1815-1919 | The Asia Pacific authorHunter, JaneimprintNew Haven: Yale University Press, 1984.annotationHunter is primarily interested in exploring the lives of Protestant women missionaries in China. She sees the

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Sutapa Dutta. British Women Missionaries in Bengal, 1793–1861 . London/New York, Anthem Press, 2017. Pp. xiii + 178. $100.45. British Women Missionaries in Bengal is a welcoming addition to the growing literature on women missionaries in India. This work confines itself to Bengal and addresses a

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Travelling for God and Adventure: Women Missionaries in the Late l9th Century R oberta W ollons Department of History Indiana University Northwest Throughout the 19th century, women from the United States travelled as wives or alone to remote regions of the world under the auspices of mis

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"DEAR MOTHER OF MY SOUL" FIDELIA FISKE AND THE ROLE OF WOMEN MISSIONARIES IN MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY IRAN Heleen Murre-van den Berg Dear Mother of my soul, Miss. Fisk, How I remember those [heart] melting seasons, when you used to put your arms around my neck, and talk with me, about my soul

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Sarah A. Curtis, Civilizing Habits. Women Missionaries and the Revival of French Empire , Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010, 373 p. 84 $. ISBN 9780195394184. Avec Civilizing Habits , Sarah Curtis s’est engagée dans un projet ambitieux: non seulement elle entreprend trois biographies

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., ed., Women Missionaries and Cultural Change, Williamsburg, Department of Anthropology, College of William and Mary, 1987, 80 pp., (Library of Congress 89 060602). So little has been written about women missionaries that perhaps I expected too much from this book. It has rather disappointed me. In its

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. Ishii Noriko Kawamura . American Women Missionaries at Kobe College, 1873–1909: New Dimensions in Gender . New York and London : Routledge , 2004 . Kobe jogakuin [Kobe College], Ed . Kobe jogakuin hyakunenshi sosetsu [ Centennial History of Kobe College: General ] . Kyoto

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Cultural Expansion, 1800 to 1938: A Historiographical Sketch* Barbara Reeves-Ellington Siena College, Loudonville, New York , USA Abstract Over the past forty years, historians’ descriptions of American women missionaries have ranged from martyrs to cultural imperialists to social activists engaged with

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