Author: Michelle Herder

BRILL Abstract CHRC 88.4 (2008) 493-5I2 Women as Benefactors at Catalan Benedictine Nunneries Michelle Herder Church History and ReligiousCulture www.brill.nllchrc This study explores secular women's gift-giving to women's monasteries as well as other institutions, through the records of two

In: Church History and Religious Culture

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2008 DOI: 10.1163/187124108X426547 CHRC 88 . 3 ( 2008 ) 371 – 393 Church History and Religious Culture “Alternative Spiritual Exercises for Weaker Minds”? Vernacular Religious Song in the Lives of Women of the Devotio Moderna Hermina Joldersma

In: Church History and Religious Culture
Author: Asma Sayeed

review of drafts of this article and to Racha Omari for her valuable suggestions. Translations of Qurʾānic verses are modified versions of widely avail- able translations in particular those of Pickthall and Asad. Gender and Legal Authority: An Examination of Early Juristic Opposition to Women’s Ḥadīth

In: Islamic Law and Society