© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/004325309X12548128581063 Die Welt des Islams 49 (2009) 429-465 Divine Law and Local Custom in Northern Nigerian zinā Trials Gunnar J. Weimann Amsterdam Abstract e introduction of Islamic criminal law in twelve northern states of the Nigerian

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Author: Schacht, Joseph

(a.), fornication, i. e. any sexual intercourse between persons who are not in a state of legal matrimony or concubinage. To the pre-Islāmic Arabs, zināʾ was not a sin but regarded in certain circumstances as an injury to the rights of property of a fellow-tribesman. In the Ḳurʾān, however

Author: Peters, R.

traitent des aspects légaux. Faire du zinā un délit condamnable était un moyen de faire appliquer le système uniforme de mariage introduit par Muḥammad. Dans IV, 15-16, il est stipulé que les deux parties doivent être punies, et il est exigé que le délit soit prouvé par quatre témoins. La peine encourue

Author: Juliana Zina

Communal nests in Physalaemus pustulosus (Amphibia: Leptodactylidae): experimental evidence for female oviposition preferences and protection against desiccation Juliana Zina 1 According to Heyer (1975), the evolution of foam nests was of primary importance for lep- todactylines to successfully

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Russian literary and theater arts should use Anatoly Smeliansky's ds Comrade Bulgakov Dead? as a primary critical source for the period. Zina Gimpelevich University of Waterloo

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NOTE ZINA GIMPELEVICH (Waterloo, Ont., Canada) SKALDIN, BULGAKOV AND RUSHDIE: W H O ART THOU, THEN? (Similarities in The Wanderings and Adventures of Nikodim the Elder, The Master and Margarita and The Satanic Verses) Despite an obvious generation gap between Aleksei Skaldin, Mikhail Bulgakov

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etymological encyclopaedia Kitāb al-Zīna fi l-Kalimāt al-Islāmiyya al-ʿArabiyya (“The Book of Ornament in Arabic Islamic terms”) by the Ismaili missionary ( dāʿī ) Abū Ḥātim Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. Ḥamdān al-Rāzī (died 322/933–934). Recorded with the shelf mark ms. or. 377, this manuscript was first recognized

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Prose by "Zina V. (11 li͡et)": p. 2-7 ; poems by A. Kruchenykh: p. 8-14 Title from cover.

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Cover illustration and illustration on p. [3] by K. Malevich. Prose by "Zina V. (11 li͡et)": p. 4-8 ; poems by A. Kruchenykh: p. 9-13. Title from cover.

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Large group size yields group stability in the cooperatively breeding cichlid Neolamprologus pulcher Dik Heg 1,2) , Lyanne Brouwer 1,3) , Zina Bachar 1) & Michael Taborsky 1) ( 1 Department of Behavioural Ecology, Zoological Institute, University of Bern, CH-3032 Hinterkappelen, Switzerland; 3

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