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Halal Activism

Networking between Islam, the State and Market

Johan Fischer

into halal production, trade, consumption and regulation. An important question here is how these activists work in the interface zones between new forms of Islamic revivalism, the ethnicised state, and Muslim consumer culture and protection in markets. Halal activism has a long history in Malaysia and

Wesley V Jamison, Caspar Wenk and James V Parker

Wesley V JamisonI, Caspar Wenk, and James V Parker Every Sparrow That Falls: Understanding Animal Rights Activism as Functional Religion ABSTRACT This article reports original research conducted among animal rights activists and elites in Switzerland and the United States, and the finding that

Emil Nasritdinov and Philipp Schröder

. In this collection of articles, we explore in more depth what such a sense of freedom might mean at the level of everyday practices among Bishkek residents. We will do so by looking at various contemporary forms of contestation and activism. In a city where the central government has less power or

Patrik Hagman and Liisa Mendelin

In face of rampant climate change, polarizing societies, societies divided by issues of gender and sexuality, more and more people seek to find ways to combine political activism with Christian faith. One trend is to look to the monastic tradition and ascetic practices for inspiration. Evangelicals

Rana B. Khoury

mobilization among civilians. How has nonviolent mobilization in the Syrian warscape persisted, even in the shadow of the war and humanitarian crisis? And what does this activism look like years after the street protests that captured our early attention? Refugees in neighboring countries, and their civilian

Tanya Notley and Alexandra Crosby

Almost all of the academic and practice-based literature on transmedia storytelling is focused on fiction-based narratives. In this context, transmedia projects are seen to provide an opportunity for fictional narratives to be dispersed across multiple mediums and platforms, ideally with each medium and platform making its own contribution to the story in ways that entice and reward broad and deep levels of audience participation. This chapter considers the value of creating activist transmedia projects that seek to tell stories to, speak with and mobilise audiences across countries, cultures and languages. By engaging with some of the emerging definitions of Transmedia Activism, and examining two transmedia activist projects that address social justice issues in West Papua, we raise new possibilities for what may constitute Transmedia Activism and question the need for transmedia stories to necessarily be fiction-based.

Yana Gorokhovskaia

. This article takes a different approach by investigating how and why civil society actors become political actors. Using data collected in 2013 and 2017 on the experiences of local politicians in and around Moscow, 5 I examine the connection between local activism and local politics under


Joy Sales

, elderly, American-born, and Philippine-born activists, left the convention tense over the future of Filipino American activism. The 1960s and ’70s were crucial decades in the politicization of Filipinos. Filipino farm workers and students began to articulate Third Worldism through their critiques of

Digital Activism

Digital Media and Civic Engagement in Croatia

Viktorija Car

the members of these organizations usually rely upon their personal contacts in the government, state institutions, or in municipalities. When socially engaged citizens go digital – is it digital activism? When citizens gather together with an intentional effort to bring about social, political

Lisa Kemmerer

Lisa A. Kemmerer * Verbal Activism: “Anymal” ABSTRACT This paper is an exploration of verbal activism and animal liber- ation, star ting with a brief explanation of Wittgenstein’s (1953) views on the nature and role of language. A discussion of lexical gaps, linguistic change, and verbal