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Jaclyn Neel

ancient Egyptian methods of agriculture. In the biblical passage, the land that the Israelites have escaped from is contrasted with the promised land of Canaan in terms of its agriculture. Unlike the self-watered valley of Canaan, Egypt is a land which is artificially irrigated—to be more precise, which

Steven Tauber

state legislatures. Since the 1980s, animal activist organizations, such as the Humane Society of the United States, have strengthened their efforts to lobby state legislatures to pass laws that provide farm animals with meaningful protection from undue suffering. Simultaneously, the agricultural

Munir Ozturk, Salih Gucel, Serdal Sakcali and Aykut Guvensen

REFERENCES Aalderink, R. H., Zoeteman, A., Jovin, R. 1996. Effect of input uncertainties upon scenario predictions for the river vecht. Water Sci. Technol. 33: 107-118. Al-Barrak, A. S., Elsaid, S. N. 2005. Pesticides removal from drainage wastewater using some agricultural waste

The Modern Origins of Traditional Agriculture

Colonial Policy, Swidden Development, and Environmental Degradation in Eastern Timor

Christopher Shepherd and Lisa Palmer

Introduction Throughout the long history of colonial and post-colonial development regimes in the South, governments have intervened into rural agricultural processes and crop configurations to promote market-oriented production that serves the needs of states. There now exists a


Joseph A. McMahon

The Negotiations for a New Agreement on Agriculture presents a history of the negotiations towards a fair and market-oriented international agricultural trading system. After an introductory chapter outlining the provisions of the Agreement on Agriculture, the book considers the analysis and information exchange process launched by the 1996 Singapore Declaration and the failed 1999 Seattle Ministerial. The mandated Article 20 negotiations are discussed before consideration is given to the 2001 Doha Declaration. The negotiations are considered in the context of the Cancun and, Hong Kong Ministerials and the July 2008 mini-ministerial before a discussion of the latest version of the Modalities for the Agreement issued in December 2008. The work ends with a look back over the negotiations and consideration of the development dimension of the Doha Round.

Kwang Hyun Ko

for a very long time, and the formation of large rice-farming labour groups has influenced Asian cultures. Critics have noted that agriculture is limited to a small number of areas; however, most people in East Asia retain their interdependent psychology. In fact, Asian immigrants who do not

Various Authors & Editors

J.P. Singh and Surupa Gupta

Agriculture remains a fraught issue in all trade negotiations, but especially so in global North-South interactions accounting for a bulk of the deadlock in the now stalled Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations (Dijck & Faber 2006; MacBain 2008; LaBorde & Martin 2012 ; Wilkinson 2014

Stefan Möckel

1 Introduction Germany is both an industrial as well an agricultural state, since more than 50 per cent of its land area is used for agriculture. In many areas, agricultural use is intensive. 1 In addition to the production of grain, maize and rapeseed, animal husbandry plays a major role in

Diana Stuart and Ryan Gunderson

, we argue that nonhuman animals represent a fourth group of fictitious commodities, analytically sitting somewhere in between land and labor depending on their role in production processes. We focus on animals in agricultural production systems, which exemplify animal commodification. Second, we argue