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Although there are differences among religious texts, most seem to present views supportive of animal welfare, especially for domesticated animals (Szűcs, Geers, Jezierski, Sossidou, & Broom, 2012). Numerous studies examine attitudes toward companion animals, primarily in Western countries with

In: Society & Animals

1 Introduction Understanding public opinion and social attitudes has long been of interest in sociological research (cf. Lazarsfeld 1959), but examining the topic cross-nationally presents unique theoretical and methodological challenges. In this paper we examine attitudes towards the consequences

In: Comparative Sociology
Author: Estela M. Díaz

Introduction Our relationships with nonhuman animals are complex and our attitudes towards them remain inconsistent (Herzog & Burghardt, 1988). In certain contexts, we consider them as “things,” objects of property: in others, we recognize them as “sentient beings” or individuals with freedoms. We

In: Society & Animals