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Author: Danielle Schaub

long after the event. When the trauma undergone lasts for an extended period of time as happens in captivity, 1 particularly with the added penalty of mental and physical torture inflicted haphazardly on a daily basis, the victim adopts what psychoanalyst Judith Mitrani names ‘autistic manoeuvres

In: Topography of Trauma: Fissures, Disruptions and Transfigurations

Catholicism subjected him to far worse torment than he had ever suffered in the dungeons of Algiers or the galley ships of the Turks. The popularity of Linda Colley’s insightful 2002 book, Captives: Britain, Empire, and the World 1600-1850 , brought attention to tales of abduction and captivity from Africa

In: Journal of Arabic Literature

& Danchin, 2003 ), and Hamilton’s ( 1971 ) ‘selfish herd’ effect. However, behavioural synchrony may be affected by captivity. It has been shown that captivity can affect the natural behaviour of animals, both wild (Rowell, 1967 ) and domestic (Scott, 1948 ). Aggression and stereotypical behaviours may

In: Behaviour
Author: Chen Bar-Itzhak

-American theoretical canon, through a close reading of one such study in our field and by exposing the phenomenon I call “intellectual captivity.” Finally, I will suggest a few possible directions that could enable a redistribution of epistemic power within the discipline, drawing on the ways in which the discipline

In: Journal of World Literature
Author: Jessica Bell

a high-profile court case. Since the Asian elephant is listed under the Endangered Species Act, acts that wound, harass, or kill an Asian elephant in the wild or captivity are prohibited. Although this case was dismissed because the plaintiffs were judged to lack standing, as part of the lawsuit

In: Society & Animals

, where the bears are kept in captivity to harvest their bile. September is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn in the province, where winter lasts from November to March. For sample collection, the feces of each CABB were sampled in September 2017 (active phase) and January 2018 (less active

In: Animal Biology
Author: Giulia Bonazza

Introduction This article documents cases of slavery and captivity in Rome and Naples even after the Napoleonic period, when the legal abolition of slavery was enacted in most of Italy. It breaks new ground by demonstrating the persistence of slavery and captivity in the Italian

In: Journal of Global Slavery
Author: Nabil Matar
The post-Lepanto Mediterranean was the scene of “small wars,” to use Fernand Braudel’s phrase, which resulted in acts of piracy and captivity. Thousands upon thousands of Europeans, Arabs, and Turks were seized into bagnios stretching from Cadiz to Valletta and from Salé to Tripoli. After returning to their homelands, dozens from England and France, Germany and Spain, Malta and Italy wrote about their captivities. Their accounts were printed, distributed, translated, and plagiarized, making captivity a key subject in Europe’s Mediterranean history. While Europeans wrote extensively about their ordeals, the Arabs wrote little because their religious culture militated against such writings, which would be construed as expressing disaffection with the will of God. Nor were there detailed records and registers of captives – their names, places of origin, and ransom prices – similar to what was kept in the European archives. Contrary, however, to what some historians have claimed, there was a distinct Arabic narrative of captivity that survives in anecdotes, recollections, reports, miracles, letters, fatawa, exempla and short biographies in both verse and prose. Cumulatively, these sources constitute the Arabic qiṣṣas al-asrā, or stories of the captives, in the native language and idiom of the men and women of the early modern Mediterranean.
Author: Kahraman Şakul

. Contemporary western observers condemned the Ottoman treatment of French prisoners in this war with François Pouqueville (1770-1838) no doubt leaving the most vivid account on the subject. 2 Published in 1805, his captivity memoirs were very influential in the shaping of unfavourable views about the Ottomans

In: Turkish Historical Review

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