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Contesting the Boundaries between Civil and Religious Marriage

State and Mosque Discourse in Pluralistic Norway

Anja Bredal

civil marriage compulsory and remove the delegated authority of solemnizing marriage from the Church and other faith communities. Based on empirical research among Norwegian public officials and mosque administrators in Oslo, this article introduces a more nuanced analysis of the dynamic between

Nadia M. El-Cheikh

presented the Cabinet with a detailed draft of a facultative civil personal status code in February 1998. The supporters of the law argued its necessity in Lebanon by pointing to the fact that couples are forced to travel abroad to contract the civil marriages denied to them by local laws. This was deemed


Vishal Vora

required preliminaries, of which there are three: either the calling of banns on three successive Sundays, obtaining a common licence or obtaining a special licence. The second option is a civil marriage, which can be held either in a traditional register office, or on approved premises 2 preceded by the

Michael J. Perry

access to civil marriage to same-sex couples? The Right to Religious Freedom The articulation of the right to religious freedom that is set forth in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is canonical in the sense that over 85% of the countries are parties to it. As of

Religious-Only Marriages in the UK

Legal Positionings and Muslim Women’s Experiences

Rehana Parveen

analyze how Muslim women talk about and experience religious-only and civil marriages and, to a lesser extent, divorce. In order to do so, I analyze information gathered from the files of a shari’a council in Birmingham that provides an indication of the prevalence of various kinds of marriages engaged in

Adam Hofri-Winogradow

on the law, and has constructed an alternative, civil marriage regime to serve the needs of Israel’s secular liberals, whose views the Court often echos. I argue that the Court should strive to render its liberal policy choices more palatable for Israel’s conservatives, by presenting them as the

Mahmoud Jaraba

( Quick 2008: 29-30). Recall that Amina and her husband performed a nikāḥ in a mosque without obtaining a civil marriage at the registry office. Such a marriage is not regarded as legal under German law: From a legal point of view, their nikāḥ is a voluntary act, and under German law they have no

Zuliza Mohd Kusrin, Mohd Zamro Muda, Hayatullah Laluddin and Abdul Basir Mohammad

result of the conversion of either spouse, especially in respect of the division of inheritance as well as jointly acquired property. Such conflict can occur due to the death of either spouse professing a different religious belief prior to the dissolution of the civil marriage between them. This may

Annelies Moors, Martijn de Koning and Vanessa Vroon-Najem

( VVD ) to enforce and extend the criminalization of Muslim marriages that are concluded prior to a civil marriage. Shortly after the program, in which the chairman of a mosque was caught on camera willing to perform the marriage, a wide variety of Muslim authority figures voiced their opinions on the