The paper describes the developmental phases in the acquisition of codas in the speech of Hebrew-acquiring hearing-impaired children, with reference to prosodic properties—the prominence (stress) and the position of the syllable hosting the coda. The participants were 10 hearing-impaired children using cochlear implant or conventional hearing aid device, ranging in age from 1;5 to 3;5 years old in their first recording session. Data collection continued until each child completed the acquisition of codas. A prosodic analysis of the phases of coda acquisition reveals a similarity between hearing impaired children and typically developing hearing children acquiring Hebrew, as well as other languages. The results suggest that the position of the syllable in the word (final, penultimate, antepenultimate) plays a major role in the development of codas, whereas stress has no significant effect.

In: Brill's Journal of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics

developments of scientific research on writing. And the three factors mentioned above will continue to drive the development. In the remaining part of this coda I will dwell on a few issues which I personally find challenging for further thought. These issues are: the comparative study of speaking and writing

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standing his artistic ground, refusing again to be pigeonholed into one particular static genre? Was he restoring Egyptian melodrama to its roots? 28 Without challenging the critical response, I would suggest that Hiyya Fawda is a contemporary re-scripting—a revolutionary coda—of his 1958 masterpiece

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symbol of the axis mundi , Malick’s film thus offers a chiastic portrayal of creation, one point of view staging a three-part coda of creation and the other offering a magical variation of this pattern in the human struggle for renewal in time. I . Emanation and the Anagogic Tree Even when

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