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academics and senior officials have expressed concerns that its college environments and physical infrastructures are not up-to-date with the growing influence of world university rankings. Notably, some past research indicates that academic environments are conducive to higher research outputs and

In: International Journal of Chinese Education

Astin’s conceptionalization of college environment that comprise of three dimensions (academic, campus/physical and interpersonal/peer) with Salmi’s theoretical framework of ‘world-class universities’, and based on the data collected through a cross-national survey conducted to 100 Chinese students from

In: International Journal of Chinese Education

differs for younger, as compared to older students. 2.3 Student-Institution Fit Theories that focus on the alignment or “fit” between the student and the college environment have had a large impact on the assessment of student success and completion. Student-institution fit theories emphasize

In: International Journal of Chinese Education

Astin and other researchers’ results and used sample data from the College Student Experience Questionnaire creating a new model. The new model suggested that student characteristics, perceptions of college environment, academic involvement, and social involvement all influence student academic outcomes

In: International Journal of Chinese Education

coherent general education program and the feeling among students that they are having a shared experience. This connection fuels a more intellectual college environment as students share with one another the course’s variations, from section to section, in a broader global context. To facilitate a sense

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, development of alternative communication skills and modification of college environment. Openly and constantly talking about issues relating to education of students with disabilities and other special educational needs at college and school levels. These discussions will allow for planning and giving time to

In: Challenging Inclusive Education Policy and Practice in Africa

( Mayers, Sonleitner, & Wooldbridge, 2007 ). The College Environment As a new faculty member at the college, I was required to complete a one-week orientation to become familiar with the college system. The workshop was designed to introduce new faculty to the structure of the academic year and college

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college statutes. Wyntle believed that the fellows of Merton had become lazy in their duties, too comfortable in the college environment, did not give the warden his due, and many of them earned too much income from outside sources. 42 Like Gardiner he began posting a series of reports—“the most trivial

In: All Souls College, Oxford in the Early Eighteenth Century

the system. Skepticism regar- ding ESA s may be magnified in a college environment, when students are living directly alongside animals being described as ESA s and faculty are fielding requests regarding them. Thus, one purpose of the present study was to examine attitudes around the legitimacy of

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-school mathematics . Learning Environments Research , 10 , 101 – 114 . Pace , R. C. , & Stern , G. G . ( 1958 ). An approach to the measurement of psychological characteristics of college environments . Journal of Educational Psychology , 49 , 269 – 277 . Pickett , L. H. , & Fraser , B. J . ( 2009

In: The Translational Design of Universities