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sexual slavery. Section 2 provides an analysis of conjugal slavery and the debates framing forced conjugal association or forced marriage as a form of contemporary slavery. Section 3 examines the legal characterizations of forced conjugal association as either forced marriage as a crime against humanity

In: International Criminal Law Review

We Learn from Conjugal Slavery to Forced Marriage in International Criminal Law  331 Annie Bunting and Izevbuwa Kehinde Ikhimiukor Rights in Conflict: The Clash between Abolishing the Death Penalty and Delivering Justice to the Victims  354 Caleb H. Wheeler

In: International Criminal Law Review
Author: Iris Haenen

specific form of sexual slavery that is best described as ‘conjugal slavery’. 5 This article examines whether forced marriage, which is restrictively defined as the forced conferral of marital status on a person against that person’s will (i.e. the act of forcing someone to enter into a conjugal

In: International Criminal Law Review
Author: Chris L. de Wet

spouses to submit to one another, which is harsher than every other kind of servitude” (John Chrysostom, Virg. 41.1.11-15). 34 Marrying off one’s daughter to a rich man for the sake of wealth is the worst kind of conjugal slavery yet. “For if you seek a wealthier husband, not only will you not benefit

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