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Rethinking Classical Dialectical Traditions

Daya Krishna on Counterposition and Dialogue

Elisa Freschi, Elise Coquereau and Muzaffar Ali

of Sciences to pursue her research at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, Austria. She is working on intercultural hermeneutics and methods of dialoguing between philosophical traditions, with particular focus on contemporary Indian philosophy. Muzaffar Ali is Assistant

Gerald Cipriani

future. Elisa Freschi, Elise Coquereau and Muzaffar Ali reflect on the way Daya Krishna incorporated in his own philosophy some dialogical features of classical Indian philosophy and on the subsequent impact on contemporary Indian philosophy. Arup Jyoti Sarma reappraises the question of historical

Arvind Sharma

Thought . Oxford: Clarendon Press. Radhakrishnan, S. and J.H. Muirhead 1936 (eds.) Contemporary Indian Philosophy . London: George Allen & Unwin. Rawlinson, H.G. 1980 [1913] Buddha, Ashoka, Akbar, Shivaji & Ranjit Singh . New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications. Rawlinson, H.W. 1954 India: A Short Cultural

Everard Flintoff

formal similarities between Pyrrhonism and contemporary Indian philosophy. But if this is true at the level of doctrine, it is surely still more true at the level of practice, something which seems to have counted for even more than theory, at least in the eyes of Pyrrho's successors.2' Now of course all

, The Kingdom o f Ladakh C. 9 5 0 - 1 8 4 2 A.D. (Roma, 1977); Zentralasiatische Studien, Band 13 (Bonn, 1979) - ibid., pp. 1 6 2 - 1 6 7 . LAL, BASANTKUMAR, Contemporary Indian Philosophy. Delhi-Varanasi-Patna, Motilal Banarsidass, 1978. XXI, 346 pp. Rs. 5 0 . - Language 5 7 - 2 (1981, pp. 2 6 7 - 5 3