Tiasei Kikuchi, Peter J.A. Cock, Johannes Helder and John T. Jones

(Goecks et al. , 2010 ). Assemblies were manually inspected using Tablet (Milne et al. , 2013 ). The assembled sequences have been deposited into nematode.net (Martin et al. , 2012 ) and the raw reads in the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). Bioinformatic analysis Contigs shorter than

Linda Cardle, John Jones, Cleber Furlanetto and Derek Brown

. Further analysis of these genes revealed that a total of 51 contigs were present, half of which encoded novel secreted proteins. By contrast, the whole nematode library contained more housekeeping and nematode-specific genes. Only one of the novel genes from the whole nematode library had a predicted

William Talbot, Yee Man Cha, Jeremy Schmutz, Brian Friedlander, Jane Grimwood, Sarita Balabhadra, Mark Dickson, Kazutoyo Osoegawa, Baoli Zhu, David Kingsley, Richard Myers, Catherine Peichel, Marco Marra, Dolph Schluter, Jacqueline Schein, Chris Amemiya and Pieter de Jong

-1344 Also available online - 1332 KINGSL E Y E T AL . used to assemble overlapping contigs of BAC clones for chromosome walking and positional cloning. Together with recent development of methods to make transgenic sticklebacks, these tools should make it possible to identify the molecular basis of many

David Chitwood, Andrea Skantar and Nicole Guimond

Caenorhabditis elegans gene let-767 (C56G2.6) was used to search the nema- tode EST database at EMBL-EBI (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ blast2/parasites.html) for sequences with high similarity in Heterodera glycines and other plant-parasitic nema- todes. Assembly of the ESTs into contigs (listed in Ta- ble 1) was

Catherine Feuillet and Kellye Eversole

., Leroy, P., Feuillet, C. 2007. Physical mapping in large genomes: accelerating anchoring of BAC contigs to genetic maps through in silico analysis. Funct. Integrative Genomics8: 29. Safar, J., Bartos, J., Janda, J., Bellec, A., Kubalakova, M., Valarik, M., Pateyron, S., Weiserova, J., Tuskova, R

Tomoaki Takeuchi, Madoka Yamaguchi, Ryusei Tanaka, Mehmet Dayi, Nobuo Ogura and Taisei Kikuchi

-end short reads were obtained from genomic DNA of the nematode using Illumina HiSeq2000. A  de novo assembly using MaSuRCA (Zimin et al. , 2013) from a total of 23 804 844 reads resulted in 90.2 Mb comprised of 14 894 fragments (contigs), which is slightly smaller than the C. elegans genome (100 Mb

Anthony D. Yates and Sam Zukoff

-] / RED , stu-/ *# ST Anchor- Contig- BR DepV- IO Align-Root- L

Hugo H. Mejia-Madrid

rhigonematomorph contigs included one female of R. thysanophora , three females of one undescribed species of Heth , two females of H. tuxtlensis Mejía-Madrid, 2014, one female of H. gordae Mejía-Madrid, 2014, one female of H. xarochae Mejía-Madrid, 2014, three females of Ransomnema bravoae , plus one

Assaf Distelfeld and Tzion Fahima

leaves: in planta analysis of tryptophan levels by recombinant luminescent bacteria. J. Exp. Bot.56: 695-702. Stein, N., Feuillet, C., Wicker, T., Schlagenhauf, E., Keller, B. 2000. Subgenome chromosome walking in wheat: a 450-kb physical contig in Triticum monococcum L. spans the Lr10 resistance

Y. S. Hyun, H. Y. Song, J. Woo, B. J. Lim, S. Oh and H. S. An

. Microsatellite discovery and primer screening The raw sequences from T. longiramus were assembled into contigs using Newbler software, version 2.3 (454 Life Sciences). A PERL script was run to select sequences longer than 300 bp with a minimum of five repeats of di-, tri-, or tetra-nucleotide motifs. Of the