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Author: Gary Winslett

states involved ultimately chose different pathways by which to deal with those regulatory barriers. Why? That is, why did they choose mutual recognition in one instance, select networked governance in another case, and find no path toward cooperation in yet another? This question is not limited to

In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Introduction Many social theorists have suggested that religion promotes cooperation. Religion has been seen as reinforcing solidarity (Durkheim, 1912/1995 ), promoting morality (James, 1902/1985 ), and maintaining social order (Turner, 1969 ). The association between religiosity and

In: Journal of Cognition and Culture

, it is possible that the jackal made the wrong decision. Of course, while this is a thought experiment, scenarios like this occur regularly, in jackal (Lamprecht, 1978 ) and in other species that cooperate, and while there is a vast and growing body of literature regarding cooperation in humans and

In: Behaviour