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Author: Michal Fux

frameworks in accounting for ritual behaviour provided a powerful launching point for their integration of cognitive action systems and Sperber’s epidemiological approach to representation transmission. 2 Cultural Transmission in Cognitive Anthropology Dan Sperber ( 1975 , 1985 ) proposed the

In: Journal of Cognition and Culture

not only to linguistic communication but also to processes of transmission in general; therefore, it has been noted in different domains by various authors, such as for genetic transmission (e.g., Bourrat 2019b) and cultural transmission (e.g., Acerbi and Mesoudi 2015; Charbonneau 2020; Charbonneau

In: Journal of Cognition and Culture

influence cultural traditions in many ways, but mostly through cultural transmission that relies on the social bonds between animals. Cultural transmission can be vertical, horizontal or oblique (Cavalli-Sforza & Feldman, 1981 ), and its direction and precision is closely linked to the structure of the

In: Behaviour