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Schafik Allam

in his- tory. Although previously translated and commented upon, this is the first such treatment in French. Keywords Ramses II, Hittites, Khattouchili III, treaty, battle of Qadesh, international diplomacy, defensive alliance * * * * * Cet exposé, ici développé et muni de l’appareil bibliographique


Edited by Christian Krieger and Jean Rott

The third volume of Bucer's Correspondance covers the years from 1527 to 1529. In this period the reformer played an increasing part in Strasbourg, while his renown started growing abroad. In Strasbourg he was put in charge of the St. Thomas parish, located closer to the city center. Along with his colleagues he appealed relentlessly to the City Council for a stricter moral discipline, for struggle against anabaptism and celebration of the mass, which was suspended on February 20, 1529. Moreover he engaged in great activity in publishing five important biblical commentaries.
Outside Strasbourg he intensified his evangelical propaganda in countries speaking romanic languages. His active involvement in the Berne disputation in January 1528 helped him make contact with the European Reformation. In the disastrous sacramentary strife he continued taking part in advocating concord between the protestant theologians. That is why he joined Philip von Hessen in setting up the Marburg colloquium. Faced with whose partial failure, he did his best to encourage Zwingli's project of a defensive alliance among evangelical cities in Switzerland and in the South-West of Germany, called the “Burgrecht”.

Rhodes, Peter J. (Durham)

and defensive alliance, and an epimachia, as a purely defensive alliance; but that use of the two terms is not widespread, and, for instance, the 'prospectus' of the (Second) Athenian League, which was a...

Rhodes, Peter J. (Durham)

[German version] (ἐπιμαχία; epimachía). Thucydides (1,44,1; 5,48,2) uses the term epimachia for a purely defensive alliance, which obliges the participants to give assistance only in the case of an attack, as opposed to the symmachía, which is an offensive as well as defensive alliance to the full

Beginning with its founding in 1291, Switzerland evolved from a defensive alliance of small states into a confederation. The nation experienced gradual consolidation and endured turmoil caused by the French Revolution and its aftershocks. Switzerland declared its neutrality in the Treaty of Vienna

Weinbrenner, Ralph

[German Version] Schmalkaldic League, a defensive alliance of Protestant princes and cities in Germany from 1531 to 1547, promising mutual assistance should one of its members be attacked on religious grounds. The league was established in response to the Augsburg Diet of 1530, which did not give

De Leon, Edwin

Leon, argued in vain with Richmond's leaders that they should seek an offensive and defensive alliance based on French and British selfishness. To undercut European antislavery sentiment, the South sho...

Gordon, Leonard H. D.

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 14: The United States and the Early Cold War, 1945-1961 | Regional and Bilateral Studies authorGordon, Leonard H. D.imprintJournal of American History 72 (December 1985): 637-60.annotationDespite forming a defensive alliance with Taiwan in 1954, the Eisenhower

Briggs, Philip J.

. This provision allowing regional defensive alliances was considered vital to Western Hemisphere accords, and Briggs argues that it opened the way for the NATO treaty.keywordsU.S. Senate; United Nation...