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Author: Viktorija Car

the members of these organizations usually rely upon their personal contacts in the government, state institutions, or in municipalities. When socially engaged citizens go digital – is it digital activism? When citizens gather together with an intentional effort to bring about social, political

In: Southeastern Europe

virtually no campaign lacks an online presence, and no political pamphlet fails to be uploaded to the web. As a consequence, digital activism has been among the most studied and discussed arenas in which the digitization of society is taking place. In recent years, this literature has also started to cover

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia

Introduction Scholarship on issues surrounding digital activism is booming. Over the past twenty years there has been extensive work on surveillance and censorship issues (Morozov 2011 ; Fuchs et al. 2012 ; Bauman and Lyon 2013 ); the impact of ict s on the ideology, organization

In: Comparative Sociology
Author: Annisa R. Beta

the figure of the daʾwa activist? How are the daʾwa activists today different from those in the past? By answering these questions, this article contributes to the literature on digital activism in Indonesia. My inquiries point to the advent of socially mediated publics in which social media

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia

contributions that bridge between research, social movements, and societal institutions. Mediatization, or the rise of social media and the affordances it offers to those who would seek to communicate widely and creatively, makes the kind of digital activism that this article has reviewed possible. But it is

In: Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture

digital activism. As new media became involved in dissent, the term ‘cybertroopers’ began to emerge in the Malaysian public sphere (Liow 2012: 304). 1 Cybertroopers are online media users whose actions are coordinated to counter content that supports the opposing side (Hopkins 2014; Leong 2015), and

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia

entered a realm of incertitude and disbelief. Despite an ever-increasing number of grassroots media groups and organizations that have flourished since the beginning of the uprising (Badran, De Angelis and Della Ratta 2014), Syrian digital activism, in fact, has failed to generate a counter

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

( ucl ). His publications include Localizing the Internet (2011), Media and Nation Building (2006) and the co-edited volume Theorising Media and Practice (2010, with Birgit Bräuchler). Currently he is conducting anthropological research on new forms of digital activism and civic engagement in

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia
Author: Camelia Tigau

, even though central to the discussion are emerging types of actors such as hackers, the book thoroughly combines classic historical facts and figures with up-to-date information. One of Owen’s key concerns is digital activism, a safer way of social expression that is not free of real state oppression

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

Omar Al-Ghazzi is an Assistant Professor in the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science ( LSE ). His expertise is in global communication and comparative journalism, with a focus on digital activism and collective memory in the Middle East and

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication