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1 Uncertain Line-Breaks and the Methodological Stakes Column 2 of the Temple Scroll (11Q19 [11QTemple Scroll a ]) 1 offers a valuable test-case to demonstrate how newer techniques of digital mapping can be productively combined with traditional philology to assist with the reconstruction

In: Dead Sea Discoveries

to develop a digital mapping tool that can measure the ACMI ’s ‘attraction’ power or soft power in Melbourne and abroad. Although soft power usually refers to the ability of a country to influence the behaviour of others through cultural attraction to produce desirable outcomes (Nye 2004), the

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia
Author: Edwin Jurriëns

of food and entertainment. The festival has been highly publicized in the Indonesian mainstream and social media and has become a major attraction for domestic and international tourists, scholars, and artists (Suganda 2009:59). 5 Digital Mapping The Regional Development Planning Agency, with

more advanced equipment and techniques. These include the introduction of gps and gnss , laser scanners and photogrammetry. The subject areas include setting out, underground surveys, surface models, control surveys and least squares, remote measurements, and digital mapping and gis . All these in

In: International Journal of Chinese Education
Author: Yang Li

forms has this taken? Song: I think the grid-style of social service management is a “revolutionary” measure. I don’t know if you’ve researched our grid-style work? Yang: Not yet, I am about to do so. Song: The grid-style of service management involves digital mapping and information

In: The China Nonprofit Review

focusing on language-specific categorizations of space (e.g., Berez, 2011; Mark and Turk, 2003) or language mapping (e.g., Veselinova and Booza, 2009). What is probably the largest existing experiment integrating historical linguistic scholarship into a GIS is LL-Map, “a digital mapping project that

In: Language Dynamics and Change
Author: Heidi Stern

1936 according to Caplan. The author’s methodological approach encompasses the analysis of several archives containing reviews, programmes, and personal documents. Her research includes personal interviews of descendants. Caplan also uses digital mapping to analyse geographical movements. She

In: The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies

. Ravindra , H. , Sehgal , M. , Kumar , M.D. , Manu , T.G. , Murali , R. , Narasimhamurthy , H.B. & Latha , M. ( 2014 ). Survey and digital mapping of rice root-knot nematode incidence in Karnataka, India . India Journal of Nematology 44 , 27 - 31 . Reversat , G. , Boyer , J

In: Nematology

provides and wondering if this experiment might facilitate new readings of the archive. 23 The use of digital mapping tools and the application of timeline analysis pointed us to the existence of a previously understudied community of scholars active in Bohemia especially at the beginning of Kircher

In: Erudition and the Republic of Letters

portray the results of data analysis (i.e., information) in such a way that deci- sion makers can use them to improve management and resource allocation decisions. The use of computers and geographic information systems, and other types of digital mapping software, is an area of considerable growth and

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