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Martin E. Roth

general. Instead, a serious engagement with the tools and practices for creating digital space has to locate these tools and the space created with and around them within a broader context. This context, or what I call the ‘digital area of game creation’, emerges as a space generated by a broad variety of

Martin Roth

Twitter, the task of and responsibility for content production and its evaluation has been left mostly to the users, some of whom may even benefit financially. Because the logic of the digital areas governed by mode C is to maximize user numbers and user activity, the platforms can ‘hand down’ the

Rahul K. Gairola and Martin Roth

-192). Analyzing such territorial differences, Roth has approached digital space in terms of ‘digital areas’, characterized by specific cultures, languages, and praxis. Steinberg and Li (2017) add that platforms as such display regional particularities and require context-sensitive approximation. More so, as they