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urgent need for optimal allocation. Therefore, under the wave of digitalization, many enterprises have chosen digital transformation. From the digital transformation of Tesla, the driver of change in the automotive industry, to the digital transformation shared by Haier HR , enterprises in all walks of

In: African and Asian Studies

1 Introduction Digital Transformation ( DT ), also known as Fourth Industrial Revolution (4 IR ), Industry 4.0, or the Hybrid Age, has been a topic of increasing importance over the last two decades. In general, DT encapsulates the cultural, workforce and technological shifts caused by

In: Transformation Fast and Slow

, possibly, to reframe the discussion on the ‘parliament of the future’. Nonetheless, it should be noted that a significant proportion of the workshop was linked, directly or indirectly, to parliamentary modernisation and, in particular, to the digital transformation of legislatures. The latter will thus

In: International Journal of Parliamentary Studies

Libraries as memory institutions and infrastructure for science have for the most part undergone the digital transformation. For some people, the apparent dichotomy between the allegedly good old world of the printed book, which included readers and dignified education, and the world of the ubiquitous digital, which is often perceived to be dangerous and in which we are flooded with data and stimuli and wander about in confusion, may still stir heated discussions. For libraries, that dichotomy is long gone. Today the libraries’ concern is to let knowledge contents do their work in the various innovative and—more often than not—mobile user scenarios of the internet. The content’s format is irrelevant. The new mantra is ‘content in context’. The focus is as much on knowledge, learning, and research as on culture and education for everyone. The big challenge for the libraries of tomorrow is the trend towards the disappearance of that textual culture. It will be replaced by the new knowledge paradigm of the data stream that is dynamic, multimedia, and constantly changing.

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Networking China: The digital transformation of the Chinese economy. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2017. 238 pp. isbn 9780252082399. Price: $28.00. The past two decades of development of the internet in China have been the subject of countless volumes and research articles, ranging

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia

knowledge that encompasses the creator–consumer ecosystem as a whole; digital transformation workshops to support employee understanding and participation. Underpinning the changes were a number of insights. These included the recognition that enthusiasts spend freely on their interests; an e

In: Logos
Fashion is an integral part of popular culture, closely intertwined with tales, magazines, photography, cinema, television, music and sports...up to the emergence of dedicated exhibitions and museums.
Fashion is undergoing a major digital transformation: garments and apparels are presented and sold online, and fashion trends and styles are launched, discussed and negotiated mainly in the digital arena. While going well beyond national and linguistic borders, digital fashion communication requires further cultural sensitivity: otherwise, it might ignite inter-cultural misunderstandings and communication crises.
This book presents the recent transformation of fashion from being a Cinderella to becoming a major cultural attractor and academic research subject, as well as the implications of its digital transformation. Through several cases, it documents intercultural communication crises and provides strategies to interpret and prevent them.

environment. While presenting each domain, starting from photography, we will briefly address its current digital transformation, so to explore it at two main levels: production/editing and distribution/fruition. 1.2.1 Tales Fairytales within the context of pop-culture are among the areas that can

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In: Digital Fashion Communication

annual gathering, it issued a manifestation with the title “The communication of the gospel in the digital society”. 6 The statement comprises ten points. It begins with stating that the church is actively taking part in shaping the digital transformation. To do that, it first needs to listen and

In: Ecclesial Practices

between Madrid and locations abroad, and internal rules for the use of social media as one of the main tools in providing digital services. Firstly, certain embassies and consular services were essential in the new phase, and as a result, the diplomats had no chance of avoiding the digital transformation

In: Diplomatica