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From War to Diplomatic Parity in Eleventh-Century China

Sung's Foreign Relations with Kitan Liao


David Wright

This study of relations between Sung China (960-1279) and Kitan Liao (916-1125), a state on Sung's northern border, is both a military and diplomatic history and a history of diplomacy.
Its first chapters historically contextualise the equality of Sung-Liao diplomacy and narrate how, during the late tenth and early eleventh centuries, the two states fought each other to a standstill before concluding peace at Shan-yüan in 1005.
Later chapters cover the forms and textures of peaceful diplomatic contact between Sung and Liao that endured for the rest of the century.
It will be useful for scholars and interested general readers who wish to probe beyond generalisations and explore in more detail mid-imperial China's warfare and diplomacy with its northern neighbours.

Bjørnar Sverdrup-Thygeson

, and that these eras thus should naturally, and beneficially, belong to the historical canon of diplomacy. Keywords foreign relations of the Song Dynasty, diplomatic parity, Imperial China, tianxia , Jin, Liao, Xi Xia, tradi- tional Chinese diplomatic practices As the fish come and the birds go, so will

maintained. But when the tributaries had political ambitions, ritual hierarchy might be transformed into terms of diplomatic parity. With its general glossary, extensive bibliography, and index, China among Equals proves a valuable book for both the specialist and the student of Chinese civilization. Leyden

Paul Jakov Smith

a recognition by the Song court that the territorial, ritual, and fi nancial costs of diplomatic parity Medieval 10,1-3_f12_279-308 11/4/04 2:47 PM Page 291 292    28 See Nap-yin Lau, “Waging War for Peace? The Peace Accord Between the Song and the Liao in AD 1005,” in Warfare in

Benjamin Avichai Katz Sinvany

, 41 - 74 . Wang Xiong 王雄 . 2007 . Liao Xia Jin Yuan shi hui: Xi Xia juan 辽夏金元史徽·西夏卷 . Hohhot : Nei Menggu daxue chubanshe . Wang Zhaochun 王兆春 . 1991 . Zhongguo huoqi shi 中国火器史 . Beijing : Junshi kexue chubanshe . Wright , David Curtis . 2005 . From War to Diplomatic Parity