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Angelica Fanaki

1. Introduction Natural disasters occur often and constantly with ever increasing effects in terms of consequences, having stimulated legal interest in international disaster relief. As a result, issues of coordination of international humanitarian assistance and disaster response have been at

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Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo

response in times of non-conflict related disasters which includes preparedness for imminent disaster and the conduct of rescue and humanitarian assistance activities”. 15 Whereas regulation has mainly focused on the operational and technical aspects of disaster relief, it is highly debated whether a

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Shimazono Susumu

the public sphere include: (1) Disaster relief and support of the affected; (2) Support to people without relatives and the poor; (3) Support to people suffering hardships and difficulties in life; (4) Provision of palliative care and spiritual care; (5) Involvement in and contribution to medical and

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Stephen Minas

1 Introduction The acute nature of the challenge of international disaster relief in the Asia-Pacific is well captured by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ( OCHA ): Increasingly frequent small, medium and large scale disasters in the Asia-Pacific region have seen an

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Edited by Anastasia Telesetsky, Warwick Gullett and Seokwoo Lee

pollution emergencies. It is concluded that States may want to invest in proactively applying disaster risk reduction approaches to marine pollution emergencies. I Contingency Plans as Disaster Relief States understood the necessity of planning for future events that are possible but not fully predictable

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He Zhu and Chuanjin Tao

comparing the transparency levels of disaster relief organizations involved in the Wenchuan Earthquake, we discovered that the overall transparency levels of foundations were not very high. Moreover, the levels of transparency we found did not match the results of the A-level evaluations. Conversely, the

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United Nations

Fully indexed, the 1989 edition of the Yearbook is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference publication about the work of the United Nations, other international organizations and related bodies. The book is designed not just for use by diplomats, officials and scholars but also by other researchers, writers, journalists, teachers and students.
This volume of the Yearbook details the activities of the United Nations, its many organs, agencies and programmes, working together to rekindle a new form of multilateral cooperation for a better world. It records the diverse and globe-encompassing activities of the United Nations and its enduring efforts to deal with the world's pressing concerns, particularly matters of international peace and security, disarmament, human rights, the settlement of regional conflicts, economic and social development, the preservation of the environment, control of drugs and narcotic substance abuse, crime prevention, adequate shelter, youth and the ageing and humanitarian assistance for refugees as well as disaster relief.
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Effect of Post-Disaster School Social Work and Its Causal Analysis

A Case Study of Foundation A’s Disaster Relief Project

Meng Wang, Shijing Chu and Guosheng Deng

affected areas has become part of the post-disaster relief efforts (Wen Jing, 2009 : 37-40). While post-disaster school social work has received increasing attention, studies on its effect are scarce and research methods used are limited. Most of them are qualitative research and there are noticeable