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that is required or selected with fear nouns and verbs, the choice of mood and/or modality, and the synchronic uses of the negative marker * nē̆ . 1 As this article will show, fear constructions in some IE languages are built upon the concept of distance. The natural behavior associated with fear is

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Introduction The question whether there is a hierarchical relationship between natural prolongation and distance, the two criteria of entitlement to the continental shelf in Article 76, paragraph 1 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ( losc ), 1 arises when opposite

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socialization. This chapter draws on the four qualities highlighted by Ponomariov and Boardman as a means of examining the impact of distance, academic disciplines, and time on our ongoing partnership. In doing so, we examine how collaboration at a distance can still allow for the development of a writing

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, individuals pass into realms of unseen power. Medieval European elites frequently saw exploiting, conquering, and appropriating this distance’s concomitant “power” as an essential component in establishing their own prestige. One of the core elements in the medieval long-distance diplomacy was the basic

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others has also been shown to modulate multisensory integration (e.g., Alsius et al ., 2005 ; Mozolic et al ., 2008 ; Talsma et al ., 2007 ). As yet, however, one attribute of multisensory signals that has received relatively less attention from the research community is the distance from which

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die Werke, die ich vollbringe, auch vollbringen und er wird noch größere vollbringen.“ ( Joh 14.12) in Frage stelle. 27 2 Modi des Erzählens: ‚Distanz‘ und ‚Fokalisation‘ In Anlehnung an Gérard Genette wird hier unter Distanz ( distance ) der Grad der Mittelbarkeit des Erzählten verstanden

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Cosmic Distances A‘tius 2.31 Diels and Some Related Texts JAAP MANSFELD Jacques Brunschwig septuagenario A BSTRACT In the Doxographi Graeci the preferred short heading of A‘t. 2.31 (Greek text below, p. 28) is ÔOn DistancesÕ, though ps.Plutarch has a long heading. This chapter is about the

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1. Introduction Perception of size and distance is fundamental for our interactions with events in the three-dimensional world. For safe locomotion and avoidance of potential collisions in the real dynamic environment, it is necessary to detect objects and perceptually rescale their size with