Authors: Wes Grooms and DJ Biddle

Introduction Canines assume myriad roles in human societies including companion, protector, and rescuer. Without dispute, dogs have served to provide companionship and/or labor for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years (Anderson, 2008; Coppinger & Schneider, 1995; Mithen, 1999; Morey

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Author: Piotr Urbański

dog, and the horse…. Dogs are the only animals that are sure to know their masters; and if they suddenly meet him as a stranger, they will instantly recognize him. They are the only animals that will answer to their names, and recognize the voices of the family. They recollect a road along which they

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( 1998 ) notes as the definition of alternative sexual identities in terms that “inevitably fall short of the ‘ideal’ of heterosexuality” (p. 180). Such work lays the groundwork for the romcom’s heteronormative tendencies. While dogs have long been used in family melodrama to reinforce heteronormative

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1. Introduction The past 20 years have seen an explosion of research on how dogs interact with humans (summarized in Kaminski & Marshall-Pescini, 2014 ). From this research emerges a sense of dogs as skillfull social creatures, highly sensitive to specific aspects of the social

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