Elites come in many forms and express themselves in an extraordinary variety of ways. This collection reflects just that diversity. From an overview of elites for the relatively uninitiated to comparative studies of elites in individual, national, social and political contexts, this work is both historical and contemporary, and encompasses a variety of case studies of elite individuals as well as elites in a broad range of national and political environments. All this is intended to assist those interested in the study of elites from historical and contemporary theoretical and empirical perspectives. Ultimately, this volume suggests many opportunities for further study and research.
Author: Marte Mangset

What does it mean to be part of the elite? Does one have to be rich? If the elite is synonymous with people with power, is it the legitimately or the illegitimately powerful? Are the elite simply those who excel in what they do? If top bureaucrats are to be considered as part of the elite

In: Comparative Sociology